What are the chakras?

Have you ever heard about The Chakras and are unsure what they are all about? But curious to find out? You have come to the correct place. This guide to the chakras will explain the chakras, their purpose and why you should care about them.

Some of you may have seen pictures of chakras depicted as seven circles distributed across a person’s body sitting in the lotus position.

If you haven’t, take a look at the picture below. This is the most common location of the chakras.

the seven chakras

At the institute, we see the them slightly differently. The colours are the same, yet, we see them more as bands stretching around that part of a person’s body. We believe that when the ancient people saw vortexes, that was because sometimes energy concentrates in those particular areas.

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, which means “wheel”, the wheel of life constantly moving, changing, and transforming. Our life is continually evolving; nothing ever remains the same. As chakras govern our life, they are not any different. The waves, movement, and changes with the chakras are also constant.

7 chakras meaning

Counting tends to be from the bottom, the seven main chakras are:

  • Red or base Chakrum – astral or emotional body
  • Orange or stomach Chakrum – lower body
  • Yellow or spleen Chakrum – spiritual body
  • Green or heart Chakrum – casual body
  • Blue or throat and upper chest Chakrum – higher body
  • Indigo or third eye (centre of the forehead) Chakrum – intuitive body
  • Violet or crown Chakrum (entry of spirit) – etheric (second body but not the spirit around us)

There are also many minor chakras, but that is not so important because all of the minor chakras are governed by the major chakras. So any work you do on a major chakra will impact the minor.

If you are into computers, you could say that our chakras are our motherboard; by that, I mean our “software” runs on the chakras. We are the product of the workings of our chakras. The Cosmic Life Force enters our being via the base chakra and then moves through all the others, and how they are programmed creates our existence.

You could almost say that our chakras are a filtering system. Life force moves through those filters (our chakras), and they are programmed in a particular way, creating us.

What can happen is that our chakras become overworked, underworked, out of balance, etc.; when that happens, it can negatively impact our wellbeing. An unseen thread weaves through our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, interlocking with the state of our chakras.

The Chakras - Health

Chakra how to unblock

Because our chakras can get impacted by our physical existence, we have to look after them. You can do this in a few different ways.


The best and most effective way to look after your chakras is with a visual meditation which includes cleansing and balancing them.

A visual meditation will help you get familiar with your chakras, feel their existence, and then cleanse them yourself. Sometimes we need the help of a healer. Still, we can achieve a lot by ourselves with our practice.


Because of the nature of crystals, they can help you ensure your chakras are in a good place. You can use them to enhance the self-healing that you do yourself.

You can use male crystal quartz, which you point towards your chakras and then focus on sending balancing healing energy towards the chakra you are focusing on.


The cosmic consciousness, god, the universe, call it what you like, is made from colour. We are made out of colour. Each part of our body has a colour, and so do our chakras and aura. Sometimes, simply because of living, we can become depleted of colour, and we need bring some colour back in.

The Chakras - Healing

You can do that with meditation, with the help of a healer, you can also make sure you eat food in a specific colour or wear clothes with a particular colour. All you need to find out is which colours you are missing. Through self-diagnosis with meditation or using your hands, you can feel yourself which colour are missing.

Chakras and corresponding organs

Many people will suggest that each chakra specifically works with one part of our body and mind, and in a sense, that is true. Yet, from our understanding, it is much more like a distributed network, and it would be nearly impossible to discern which chakra works with what unless you spent countless hours in meditation finding it out.

Another element which comes in is that each human being is also an individual. So, let us say a client is suffering from anxiety; for one person, that might be located in their stomach chakra, whilst for someone else, it might be in their heart chakra.

Every client, every person, has to be treated as an individual, and that is why developing psychic abilities when doing healing is so important. The psychic should be able to tell which chakra needs support and why.

The chakras and healing

In our Spiritual Healing sessions here at the institute, we always work with the chakras. Most of the time, we will ask a client to either sit down or lie down on their back. Following this, we will guide them through a short meditation and then we will move our hands across the chakras. Investigating perhaps what is off and needs a bit of healing.

Sometimes we will see the colours within our minds and see them change as we provide healing and the client heals themselves. Other times, we will feel a hot or cold sensation which will also give us an indication of what has to be done.

Within each chakra sits all the information about us, and in a healing session, messages will come forward, and we will be able to glean information about what is currently going on with the client.

Developing healing skills yourself

Developing your healing skills yourself will take time and practice. We recommend that you either join a psychic development circle or do a course to understand the breath of healing.

The first step is to always begin practising meditation because with meditation, you will learn to calm your mind, and then your psychic mind will come forward.

Eventually, you should explore other esoteric topics too and understand their place in the spiritual space.

This explanation of the chakras is not extensive, and there is so much more to learn, but it should give you a good foundation.

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