05: How I use Meditation and the language of Materialism in Spirituality

In this episode, Tor, The founder of Esoteric Studies Insitute, talks about how he uses meditation and his latest thoughts on the language of materialism in Spirituality.

Transcript of How I use Meditation and the language of Materialism in Spirituality

Hi there. My name is Tor Njamo and you are listening to Esoteric FYI. 

I am a psychic tarot reader, spiritual healer and spiritual educator. 

Esoteric FYI is a podcast where I share my thoughts, feelings, ideas, reflections about my spiritual life, some of the experiences that I had, my clients that I can share with other people, and also just some of my thoughts around the spiritual space at the moment. 

So in today’s podcast episode, I will be talking about how I use meditation. And I’ll be also talking about something which I’m noticing in the spiritual space around the language that we use, of why spirituality is important to us. 

So delving into how I use meditation. As I’m sure many of you are well aware of, meditation has existed throughout time in so many different incarnation and it exists differently all over the world. In the west, it’s obviously been popularized through mindfulness. I think mindfulness has done amazing things for our mental health and our sense of well being and so on and so forth. 

There are many different ways of practising meditation, walking, mindfulness, mantra, breathing, labyrinth, so many different forms of meditation out there. The meditation that I use and which I’ve been taught is a visual meditation. And I used that visual meditation and I was taught that visual meditation because it helps to give shape and form to the spiritual realm. 

Many people use meditation as a way to create focus, to increase their productivity, to reduce stress, calm, feeling of groundedness. And I think that meditation naturally does all of those things. However, it is a shame when meditation is reduced to something which is so, there’s a word now which I can’t remember, utilitarian.

It’s just like this utility that you do to improve your productivity. I don’t really use meditation for that whatsoever because for me, meditation is a spiritual practice. And that’s why I said the thing about giving shape and form to the spiritual realm because in fact, the spiritual realm doesn’t necessarily have a solid shape or solid form. 

It’s like an ocean of color and sound, moving, aimlessly, not aimlessly, because it’s obviously controlled and guided by the sort of great guiding force, but yet it doesn’t necessarily have a shape or form. It’s just spirit. And spirit is everywhere all the time. What we can do though, with a visual meditation is that within our mind we can create a construct, we can create a place that we can go to, to begin to understand the messages and feelings and sensations and ideas that are coming towards us. 

And the visual meditation that I do also cleanses and balances my chakras. If you don’t know what they are, they are energy centers, communication points within.org field, and they are a part of governing our existence. And sometimes they can become out of balance, blocked and so on and so forth. And meditation will automatically cleanse and balance all of your chakras. The meditation that I also do is designed to connect people with their spiritual guides. 

So I think that each and every human being on planet Earth has a spiritual guide. And the meditation that I do guides people directly towards connecting with that guide. The meditation can also help you to bring forward past lives. So you can do regression during that meditation and visit a past life and see how that feels and experiences for you. 

Meditation can also do that. What’s really important about the meditation is that it can also create a space for you where you can receive messages from your guides, from your past lives and from spirit in general. So normally what I do is I do this body relaxation exercise, then I guide people across to the desert.

There’s a brook, there’s a meadow. Then you walk through the seven chakras, there’s another small construct of vision. And then I stop talking for about five to ten minutes. And in those five to ten minutes gives myself and also the people that I do this work with an opportunity to connect with their guides, to connect with their past lives, and also to bring forward those messages from the other side. 

And you can there begin to begin to build your own sense of like spiritual path, your sense of spiritual philosophy, because then it comes from you and how you want to live your life, right? Because there’s so many different spiritual paths all over the world, all the time we’re being told to do this, not eat meat, to eat meat, not wear this, to wear that, to not say this, to say this. 

All of that is sort of inconsequential and not so important. What’s really important is for you to sit down by yourself or with a teacher, by myself, and move into that meditation and see and feel those messages that comes forward. And by doing that naturally, your psychic abilities will improve, your healing abilities will improve, your quality of life will improve, your sense of purpose will improve, your sense of feeling connected to something greater will improve. 

I believe that it will create a sense of acceptance within you of your life, of the ups and the downs, because that’s really what spirituality is all about. It’s about creating a sense of acceptance of the life that you’ve been given this time around and walk through that life with as much grace and ease as humanly possible. Obviously, if we experience a huge life event, which is really difficult, it’s going to be really hard to move through that with ease and grace. 

But then again, all feelings or emotions are important to move through as well. And in so many ways this brings me over to the next point, which is about I do spend some time on Instagram and I see that a lot of quote unquote spiritual people, they use the language of more, of consuming, of materialism, of having more being rich all of that kind of stuff. 

I’m not an anticapitalist, not at all. I also really enjoy nice things and nice experiences and whatever. But spirituality is not about that. Spirituality is not about having more. It’s about accepting your life for what it is today. And it’s so interesting how marketing has co-opted spirituality as a way to buy more stuff, because it’s really not about buying more stuff. It’s about going inwards and creating your heaven within, building that heaven within so that whenever you are faced with a challenge, you accept that challenge. Right? 

And try not to create too much resistance to that challenge. That, to me at least, is what spirituality is all about. I mean, I could be absolutely wrong here. I could be completely deluded, but that’s how I view it. So, yeah, I feel like there’s such a drive towards more materialism, more consuming much in the spiritual space right now. And I don’t agree with it. 

I don’t think it’s the path that we are supposed to go on. I don’t think that’s what the Age of Aquarius means. The Age of Aquarius is enlightenment. And a sense of understanding and acceptance of that life is a continuation that we’ve lived before, that we’ve lived again. And each and every life is a lesson to me. 

That’s what the Age of Aquarius is all about, right? So it’s not about having more, but it’s also I want to caveat it with saying it’s also not necessarily about having less. I don’t believe that spirituality only means to move to a mountain and live as a monk, right. Or live as a guru somewhere in some sort of ashram in India. That’s also not what it’s about. 

It’s not about having anything. It’s about that acceptance within yourself, of life as it is of your life, of your lesson, and so on and so forth. That’s what it’s all about. I’m sure some people will disagree with it. This is where I stand, and I love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments, and then we can take it from there, because I love a good discussion about this. 

So, yeah, if you have any questions, thoughts, just leave that in the comments, either on @tornjamo or on @esotericstudiesinstitute, where you can find me. And this podcast. 

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