04: My Psychic Development Journey

In this episode, the founder of Esoteric Studies Institute, Tor, shares parts of his Psychic Development Journey.

His Psychic Development Journey began with his grandmother when he was a child. She was a clairvoyant medium, and he has sat in a Psychic Development Circle since 2014.

My Psychic Development Journey Transcript

Hi there, my name is Tor Njamo, and I am the host of Esoteric FYI. 

I am a psychic tarot reader, spiritual healer, and spiritual educator. I am also the founder of Esoteric Studies Institute, and I’m using this podcast to share my thoughts, ideas, and so on and so forth on all things spiritual and esoteric. 

And in this episode, I’m going to be talking a bit more about my psychic development journey and also just some thoughts on psychic development in general, really. So for those of you who know me well will know that my psychic development journey actually already started. As a child, my grandmother was a clairvoyant medium. And every time I visited her during summer, she told me and taught me everything that she knew about all things spiritual. 

Crystals, tarot cards, guides, meditation, you name it, it was there. And I think I’ve been very lucky because of that spirituality. Spirit to me is something which is very natural. It’s just a part of who I am. It’s a part of my life. I am seeing that a lot of people who get to this later in life, it can be quite overwhelming, it can be huge shift in their life and the ways in which that they move through their life. 

And people get drawn to all sorts of things and that’s their guidance and that’s who they are. But yeah, I think I’m very fortunate that I had that foundation very early on. And I can remember the first time that my grandmother guided me through a meditation and I got to meet my first spiritual guide. She is not around me anymore in the same way as she was back then. But yeah, that was quite wonderful. 

And to have that strength or to feel that I had that strength, that spirit and that spiritual consciousness next to me all the time was incredibly beneficial because I had quite a difficult childhood. So knowing that they were there was an amazing feeling. 

And I think I also remember the first time I sat with my grandmother and I can’t remember my age, but she did like a trance sitting and it was interesting. It was like I could see my grandmother’s spirit almost leaving her body and someone else taking over. That was quite remarkable. And again, because I think that really helped me to see that and to understand that there is so much more to our experience than what meets the eye. 

I suppose what it also gave me is this knowing that to channel spirit, to be with spirit, there is really nothing else than the mind, the spirit, and that is it. I mean, my grandmother did not have a particularly healthy diet. She was slightly overweight, God bless her, but she was still an incredible medium and an incredible support. 

And the things that she was able to bring forward was impossible for her to know about me, especially as I grew older. And it’s quite remarkable. I was going to visit Norway and see my grandmother, and just before I left, I felt the presence of a new guide. And when I arrived at her place without me telling her, she described that guy to A-T-I hadn’t told her anything. She didn’t know that there was a new presence around me, and she saw him. 

He is very close to me. He helps me a lot with my readings and he helps me a lot with my readings. And so, yeah, it’s just incredible that she is able to see it. Actually, it’s probably has happened twice when I think about it. And again, my grandmother was there to help me start my meditation journey, and that was incredibly pivotal in terms of helping to calm my mind. 

And then in 2013, I met Ines Nicholson, who is my current spiritual teacher. She’s still with us, thankfully, and I went to her psychic circle. I still contacted her for nearly eight, nine years, I suppose. And I was with her like every week, and she put us through different exercises every week. Tea leaf reading, coffee sort of reading, taro reading, healing, transfiguration, meditation, sand reading, all kinds of different experiences of connecting with spirit. And I think that’s what the mind has to be exposed to so that in every setting you can connect. 

Obviously some people will connect with different tools and different instruments, but it’s really about challenging the mind to connect with different elements and different things. And the foundation for all psychic development is really the meditation combined with doing a psychic exercise where you are able to bring forward a specific answer, which is not vague, which is not flowery, but it tells a specific answer there and then that’s the coupling. 

Because our minds have an incredible imagination, and because of our imagination, we can sometimes see unicorns, angels, devils, demons, evils, I don’t know, fairies, and they’re not there. It’s just that mind are able or what the mind does is that it takes these energies and makes it sometimes into something which is fantastical. And really, it’s just the presence of spirit, or maybe it’s a guide and your mind is confused and see something else. 

Who knows? I mean, I obviously know that a lot of people believe in those things. I personally don’t. I see it differently. It’s not that other people are wrong. It’s just that’s not how I’ve been taught. That’s not how I see it. I see guides, I see spirits. I connect with spirit, and I use clairvoyance and healing to bring forward specific answers. And I think that’s what really people, especially when they come from reading, that’s what people really need, right? 

They need specific answers to bring forward a sense of connectedness and a sense of guidance. And really, psychic development is the development of the mind, and it’s the development of your focus and your concentration and your ability to connect with spirit. 

And that’s it. It’s the beginning and the end. And you do that with meditation and you do that with doing readings and as opposed understanding the principles of delivering a psychic reading, to understand the principles, to understand the principles of healing. And I’ll go into more of them in a different episode. I won’t go into that today. But yeah, the really important bit is to do meditation and to do the psychic exercises. 

You often see that people suggest that you should, I don’t know, wear a particular type of clothing or wear a typical type of crystal. Christmas is slightly different, but it does really come down to the focus of your mind and also to eat particular types of food. Obviously, if you eat like a type of food and it makes you bloated and that impacts your ability to have energy or to concentrate, that will certainly impact your ability to connect. 

But food in and itself doesn’t make any difference. You can be a vegan, you can be an omnivore, you can be a pescetarian. Whatever your psychic abilities comes down to your ability to hold your focus and connect with spirits and have confidence in yourself and trust in yourself. And that’s really it. There’s no magic, there’s no mystery. It’s just hard work, repetition and hard work and connecting with your guides on a regular basis, cleansing your aura, cleansing your chakras, ensuring that you stay healthy. 

And that’s in my mind, literally. It obviously other teachers will have different opinions and that’s fair enough, that’s their guidance. But that is where we stand and what we think is most important to focus on. I’d love to hear how you are getting on with your spiritual and psychic development journey. 

You can do that by sending us a DM or commenting on the post which covers this one on Instagram. Yeah, I’d love to hear how you are getting on and if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, anything you’d like me to cover, just send us a message and we will take it from there. You can find us on @EsotericStudiesInstitute on Instagram and also on @tornjamo. Thank you so much for listening.

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