Spiritual Healing


“Tor is a gifted healer and a wise old soul. He holds a safe space for energy healing in the most beautiful, mystical setting at The Mandrake Hotel, London. I felt both grounded and light after my crystal healing session, during which I also received some insightful information. I am looking forward to learning more about developing these abilities through his Esoteric Studies Institute”.

– Giada, Film-maker

In a Spiritual Healing session with us, we will use meditation, energy healing, colour healing, crystal healing and the assistance from our Spiritual Guides to cleanse and balance your Aura and Chakras.

You may have come to us because you feel stressed, anxious, energetically blocked or want to feel calmer.

The session will be equally effective at a distance and in person.

  • 60 minutes 
  • 1:1 Via Zoom or in-person (To book in-person email me) 
  • Time for Q&A
  • The session can be recorded on request
  • Fee: 1 session: £75 – 5 sessions: £300 (Email to book this)
Spiritual Healing

What you can expect from the session

The session will last 60 minutes and always open up us asking you if there are any particular areas you want us to work on. Afterwards, we will talk you through what will happen at the session.

We will first guide you into a relaxed state with meditation and investigate your Aura and Chakras with our hands. If the session is in person, we will lay crystals on your body where we feel it is necessary.

On the other hand, if the healing session is at a distance can look at your Aura and Chakras through our minds-eye. The session will be as effective at a distance as in-person.

After the healing is complete, we will share what we did and if we pick up on anything you need to know.

Crystal Healing

Benefits of Spiritual Healing

The benefits of Spiritual Healing are many. 

  • Balanced Chakras
  • Cleansed Aura
  • Connected Inner Spirit
  • Calm
  • Peace
  • Wellbeing from within
  • Resilience
  • Positive feelings
  • Reduce pain symptom
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Reduce chronic illness
  • Decrease pain
  • Improve mental health
  • Spiritual Care
  • A positive relaxation response

Spiritual Healing Agreement

  • Anything that comes up in the session is strictly confidential.
  • The space that we create together is a non-judgemental space.
  • Spiritual Healing is not a substitute for professional therapy or legal, medical and financial advice.
  • You must be 18 years or older to order Spiritual Healing sessions.
  • We have a satisfaction guarantee policy; unless you are happy with the healing, you will get your money back. 
Colour Healing

Preparing for Spiritual Healing

Before the healing session, ensure that you know what you want to receive healing on and set your expectations at the correct level. Seeing a healer will not solve all of your problems, yet, it can spur you on to get on with what you need to do in life. 

During the healing session 

If at any point during the session you feel uncomfortable, scared or worried, please say to straight away so that we can be allowed to rectify it. 

We at Esoteric Studies Institute want to make sure that you always feel safe and secure.

If at any point during the healing session, the healer feels that what you may need is a medical professional, they will tell you. 


What to do after the Spiritual Healing sessions

After the healing sessions, for a while, you might feel a bit strange or dazed; that is entirely normal because you have engaged in an activity you do not do very often. 

Make sure that you drink plenty of water and give yourself space to reflect on the information you receive. Memories you have not thought about for a very long time may show up, and that can be unsettling. 

Any healing, recommendations, advice or guidance delivered via this service should never replace, medical treatments, therapy or professional medical help. Should you need urgent medical care call the hospital straight away. All of the data collection we do will be safely secured. 



  • What is the meaning of spiritual healing?

    The meaning of Spiritual Healing is to heal your Aura, Chakras and Inner Spirit. By healing those etheric energies it will positively impact your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing.

  • How does spirituality help in healing?

    Spirituality is two-fold, meaning it is about how you respond to each step of your path of life, yet, it is also about connecting with the Healing Power of The Cosmos. You can achieve both by engaging in spiritual healing.

  • How do you start a spiritual healing journey?

    You start your Spiritual Healing journey by learning how to practice meditation. Our spirituality has to come from within ourselves and not something we read in a book.

  • What are the types of healing?

    There are many types of healing; we offer spiritual healing, including meditation, colour healing, crystal healing, and spiritual guidance. All of them are forms of healing. As you explore the spiritual space, you will notice many more.