Eight Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Eight Cups Tarot Card signals that life may have recently given you are reason to want to hide away, that you are not processing your emotions appropriately, that someone might have broken your trust or perhaps there is a need for rest.

On the Eight Cups Tarot Card from the Nefertiti Tarot Deck, a gentleman is hiding behind a palm tree; there is a river of running water next to him, four of the cups align with the palm tree, and the other four are on the river, two in each direction.

At first glance, this can seem like a fairly negative card. The man is attempting to hide, although, as you can see, the tree is not big enough to hide him away. Four of the cups are standing up, whilst four of them are on their side.

The man, who is down on his knees, can clearly not see that four of the cups are standing up, meaning the situation is most likely not as bad as he believes it to be. Even the other four cups are not upside down; they are moving with the rhythms of the water, the waters of life.

Sometimes, life will get complicated, and we will want to hide away, not process our emotions and stand still for a while. That may be a good idea if we are on the brink of burning out, yet, if we are only victimising ourselves and putting our heads in the sand, we should stand up and own up sooner rather than later.

In a Psychic Tarot Reading with me here at Esoteric Studies Institute, The Eight Cups Tarot Card will undoubtedly prompt me to believe that something is going on in the client’s life, which is unpleasant.

Of course, it depends on what other Tarot Cards you draw it with. A Psychic Tarot Reading will always change, depending on the other cards in the spread.

Potential Eight Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Below, I have written my take on the Eight Cups Tarot Card; you have to find your own, although you may not want to use these suggestions. Developing your personal understanding of each card is vital because otherwise, you will not be connecting with your intuition entirely.

Eight Cups Tarot Card - Hide Away

Wanting to hide away

Life can get very tough sometimes, and we will want to avoid responsibilities and life in general. When we hide away, we can quickly begin to ruminate and lose our sense of perspective on what is going on around us. The Eight of Cups Tarot card might mean precisely that; however, we should ask ourselves if this is the best approach moving forward.

The solution to wanting to hide away is to stand up, face reality head on and take responsibility for what is going on in our life. Most of the time, we have some responsibility to carry even when something out of our control happens.

We have to take responsibility for the way we respond.

Blocked emotions

Our emotions are vital to understanding because they often lie to us, infusing our minds with untrue stories and blocking our ability to see the world as it is. When the Eight Cups Tarot Card shows up in a Psychic Tarot Reading, this might mean that the client is being dishonest about what is going on for them and living in their shadow rather than authentically.

When we are not authentic and blocking our emotions, this can take a considerable toll energetically, and unless that is worked on, that can lead to fatigue.

If this is you or your client, guide them towards releasing their emotions and finding ways to clear out the blockages within.

Broken trust and disappointment

We have to always relate to people – we are social beings.

Because we are social beings, we have to relate to other people, and sometimes people don’t turn out to be who they say they are, which can be very disappointing. Sometimes, projects don’t go how we expect them to, which can feel very hurtful.

In a Psychic Tarot Reading, the Eight of Cups Tarot Card may be showing up to say that this has happened to the client recently and is impacting their sense of well-being.

A good piece of advice is that we cannot control how other people behave, all we can do is look at our behaviour, and that’s it. Many will find this unsatisfying, but it is the truth – the only one we have any real influence over is ourselves.

We must grow emotionally so we can cope well when our trust is broken, and we feel disappointed.

A need for rest

Human beings can be incredibly bad at looking after themselves. The numbers around burnout and poor mental health are proof of that.

If the Eight Cups Tarot Card shows up, this may mean that the client is close to burnout and might need some proper rest. We are incredibly poor at that, yet, perhaps, all the client might need is to hear you say it to them.

To rest is not a sign of defeat; we are not infinite beings with an infinite amount of energy.

Eight Cups Tarot Card Journaling prompts

Journaling is one of the best ways to regularly connect with your Tarot Cards. Before taking on clients, you should definitively familiarise yourself with how you relate to the cards. What I have written above are mere suggestions; you have to see how you feel about them.

Every day, pick a Tarot Card out of your deck after your meditation and ask yourself.

What kind of thoughts and emotions does the imagery invoke in me?

How does Eight Cups Tarot Card relate to my current life situation?

What is the Eight Cups Tarot Card trying to communicate to me?

What can I learn from the Eight Cups Tarot Card?

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