How To Listen to your Inner Voice

Nurturing our Inner Voice is one of the essential quests we can venture out on because our Inner Voice is what will, in the end, guide our choices.

In this post, I talk about the most effective approaches I have come across so far: meditation, psychic exercises, journaling and positive affirmations. 

Our Inner Voice is a constellation of many different facets: the culture and tradition we were born into, our genetic family history, the school we went to, societal expectations, friends, upbringing, various other experiences and our intuition. 

All of what I mentioned above will always influence that voice within. The goal is to bring our intuition and inner spiritual guidance to the forefront of our minds so that it is the primary influence of our Inner Voice. 

Because when our intuition and inner spiritual guidance are the primary driving force of our Inner Voice, we know that we are fulfilling our path of life in the best possible way. 

That being said, we were born with that particular cultural programming for a reason at the time. Still, that does not mean we have to remain that way if it is not serving us anymore. All human beings do have some free will, which means there is some wiggle room to colour outside the lines if that is our desire. 

Strengthening our Inner Voice

Ben Bergeron, a coach I am incredibly fond of, says, “As you listen to that voice in your head, that voice becomes your best or your worst coach. Nobody will coach you more than that voice. If that voice was projected over the loudspeaker, would you be proud of it?”.

As humans, we must take responsibility for how we speak to ourselves and what we allow to influence that inner voice because we are constantly bombarded by externals who intentionally and inadvertently impact that. 

There are many different ways you can begin to become aware of the conversation you are having with yourself and begin to change it. 

Strengthening Your Inner Voice


Meditation is one of the most powerful and effective ways to start noticing how you talk to yourself. 

In the silence of meditation, overhearing the constant influx of thoughts will provide you with clues about what is most important to you and what is trying to find its way to the forefront of your consciousness. 

Instead of attaching any meaning to those thoughts, simply allow them to float across your consciousness, loosely acknowledge their existence and let them pass. 

After the meditation, write down the most recurring thoughts and find ways to address them. You will need to address them at some point because otherwise, they will keep coming back. 

At Esoteric Studies Insitute, we have found that meditation is also effective at deconditioning ourselves from our cultural programming to be more authentic in how we live. I believe this is because meditation increases our ability for perspective-taking and gives us the inner strength we need to bring about change within ourselves. 

Meditation is not only good for overhearing your most intrusive thoughts, but it will also enhance your intuition and access to your inner spiritual guidance. Within the calmness of your mind, new doors will open, and that spiritual guidance will be able to take more charge of your Inner Voice. 

All types of meditation will do this; however, using Guided Visual Meditation will prime the spiritual aspects even more. 

I have attached a video below to get you started. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the video’s comment section. 

Psychic Exercises

Many people are unaware of this, yet, by taking part in Psychic Exercises, you can strengthen your mind, transforming your Inner Voice into more constructive and helpful.  

By exercising your mind in this way, you tap into your intuition and open yourself up to the inner spiritual guidance within all of us. 

To start, you can use our Psychic Development for Beginners resource or join our Psychic Development Circle. Either way, you will experience an improvement in how you speak to yourself by participating in psychic work. 


I often find that I cannot register the influence of my Inner Voice over me until I get my thoughts out of my head. In particular, if they are being overly pessimistic. When I write my thoughts down in complete sentences, I notice more how detrimental they can be to my sense of wellbeing. 

I do not follow any particular journaling practice; it is more about writing a stream of consciousness and seeing what shows up as I write. 

I know that some people prefer asking them different questions, and many excellent resources on the web can help you out. 

After journaling, I typically follow up with positive affirmations to transform negative energy into positive ones. 

Journaling Your Inner Voice


As you can see above, there are practices and ways you can use to transform your Inner Voice to be a helpful coach instead of a critic, and you must do so. 

Because if your Inner Voice is always an inner critic, that will limit your ability to flourish and thrive as a human being. 

The most harmful limitations in our life are often those we set on ourselves and are not set by others. 

Please give meditation a proper try; it is not a magic pill but requires discipline and perseverance. 

I realise psychic exercises are not for everyone, yet, they might open your mind in ways you could not imagine because you will come to know that there is more to life than what is sensed by the five known senses. 

Try to bring your thoughts out of your head and down on paper because often, when you see them written down in front of you, you will more easily see how untrue and limiting they are usually. 

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