Death Tarot Card Meaning

For many, The Death Tarot Card may seem frighting because death often comes across as final. The Death Tarot Card does not mean anything of that sort, nor is death the end of our journey. 

Death is only the beginning of another journey to a different place. The sooner we can get our head around that, the better. Coming to terms with this will also give you more peace, quiet and harmony within.

Death is change, transformation, as the saying goes: when one door closes, another one opens. 

In a Psychic Tarot Reading with us here at the Institute, we often see the Death Tarot Card as a positive rather than a negative. There is also “good” or “bad”, only opportunities and challenges in our mind. 

One area that many of us have to work on is the strength of our Spiritual Core. So whenever anything challenging arises, we know we will find our way through whatever happens. 

So, whenever the Death Tarot Card shows up for you, do not get overly concerned; it is a signal that something is about to change. We often fear change because we are comfortable where we are; yet again, nothing ever stays the same, and we must learn to embrace change at every opportunity possible. 

Possible Death Tarot Card Meaning 

Every Tarot Card in the deck will have more than one meaning. The card’s meanings also often change with the deck you use. We use the Nefertiti Tarot Deck, but many of you will be using The Rider Tarot Deck.

Below, we have outlined how we sense the card. We advise that you sit down with each card in meditation to sense how you connect with each card because it is always individual.

Endings and new beginnings 

Tarot Card New Beginnings

When the Death Tarot Card shows up in a Psychic Tarot Reading, it could be that a relationship, work, or something else is coming to an end, which will open up new doors. 

Sometimes, we have to release old energies to start inviting new ones into our life. There is only a limited amount of space within our life. 

At first, that might seem painful and challenging, but over time, you will see that it was the correct thing to happen. 


If The Death Tarot Card shows up, you may expect some sort of transformation, either within or without. Energy never ceases to exist; it only changes from one form to another. 

The card can ask you to begin your personal transformation and growth journey. Ask yourself, have you become stagnant and need to change something up? 


Sometimes, events, projects, and ideas do not go how we expect them to, and the Death Tarot Card may ask you to work on accepting the situation for what it is and move on. 

Sometimes we have to cut our losses and find a different path. That often begins with practising acceptance. 

Related to acceptance is letting go and not holding on to the past. Holding on to past baggage does not serve you or anyone else. Forgive yourself, and move on quickly if you can. 

You may also consider adopting a more stoic mindset and practising health detachment. 

Everything is temporary, and everything comes to an end. 

Tarot Card Spreads

Tarot Card Spread

You have to be mindful that the Death Tarot Card Meaning will change in relation to the other cards you pull it with. Most of the time, you will pull the card in a spread unless you only pull one card. 

For example, pulling The Death Tarot Card together with the Lovers will have a very different meaning than pulling it with The Ten of Coins Tarot Card. 

The card’s meaning will also change depending on the day you pull it because the energies around ourselves and other people change constantly. So each time you draw a card, you have to approach it with a fresh perspective and sense what comes to you on that particular day. 

Another way the cards meaning changes is the intention you pull it with. We often pull six cards here at the Institute to start, where the two first relate to the past, the second two are about the present, and the last two are about the future. 

The card’s meaning will also change depending on the question you ask, or the client is asking. 

For example, if they ask, “Will she/he leave me?”. That is very different from “What do I need to let go of to progress in my career”? 

The Death Tarot Card Journaling Prompts 

Tarot Card Journaling

If you are working on becoming familiar with the Tarot Cards and pulling a card for yourself every day, you may want to employ some journaling prompts to get you going. 

How did the energy of The Death Tarot Card show up in my life today? 

What is the card telling me about my current situation? 

Would it be helpful for me to resist or invite the card’s energy into my life? Either way, why? 

What is happening in my life that I’m not noticing and the card is trying to highlight? 

The Tarot can be an incredible tool for growing our sense of self-awareness and receiving guidance from our guides from an external tool. Often, we can become blind to ourselves and need help from external resources to highlight what is going on. 

The Tarot Deck can be an excellent way to achieve that, as long as we are honest with ourselves. There is no point in using it on ourselves unless we are as honest as possible. 

The Tarot Deck can also be a powerful instrument for divination and communicating with our Spiritual Guides for other people. There is nothing wrong with offering advice if anyone asks for it. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with charging for it if you are an experienced reader with the correct credentials. 

If you are keen to develop your psychic abilities, you may want to check out our resource, Psychic Development For Beginners. There we have outlined a reasonably extensive resource on how you can begin to develop your Psychic and Healing abilities. 

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