Psychic Development for Beginners

Our guide, Psychic Development For Beginners, is a resource and tool to help you begin developing your Psychic and Healing abilities and greater spiritual understanding by yourself.

Exercising your psychic mind is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself because it will strengthen your Inner Spirit. Psychic Development For Beginners will help you tackle the bumps of life in a much better way, have a more positive perspective on life and improve yourself as a psychic practitioner.

In this guide, I will share my journey through Psychic Development, thoughts and ideas around the field, a brief introduction to various spiritual topics and some exercises you can do at home.

When you have finished reading this and watched the accompanying videos, you should be able to set some tangible next steps for what you can do to improve your Psychic and Healing abilities.

If you have any questions during the guide, feel free to email us at [email protected] or get in touch on Instagram.

My Journey Through Psychic Development

The foundation for my psychic development journey already began when I was a child. I was lucky enough to have a clairvoyant grandmother who had already walked the path before me. Every summer I visited her, she would teach me about crystals, meditation, spiritual guides, and so much more. 

Not everyone has been so fortunate, so here I plan to lay out the foundations for Psychic Development For Beginners. It is not easy to develop your psychic and healing abilities by yourself, but that does not mean it is impossible. 

You can get pretty far with meditation, learning about different spiritual topics and some psychic exercises you can do at home.

If you can, I recommend joining a Psychic Development Circle. In a circle, you will meet like-minded people and learn from others who have talked the path before you. In addition, you will enter a safe space to experiment with your abilities.

At first, exploring your psychic abilities might seem frightening, yet, there is nothing to be scared of and having a good teacher is essential for grounded development.

To set the scene, I will say that everyone can develop their psychic abilities and benefit from doing so. Developing your psychic abilities is not only about becoming a Practising Professional Psychic but also about strengthening your mind and deepening your understanding of spirituality and why we are here now. 

When we strengthen our minds and deepen our spirituality, we become better at dealing with change and uncertainty and hopefully create a greater sense of peace which can only come from within ourselves.

I have certainly felt this myself. There have been times when life has thrown me some severe curveballs, and only through the strength of my mind and character have I been able to persevere. I believe much of this strength comes down to my psychic development.  

That does not mean I do not struggle; I do, often, yet, I know that it is only temporary and that I can do difficult things.

Psychic Development for Beginners will not take your trouble away, yet, it may help you deal with them in a different, more optimistic way.

Words of caution

At the beginning of your Psychic Development For Beginners journey, you will want to explore every possible resource and jump into the depths of what is possible. We urge you to take it slow and one step at a time.

Your mind will need time to readjust, and you will need to remain grounded throughout this journey. It is very easy to become ungrounded when entering the spiritual space because your mind is exploring a previously unfamiliar realm.

At certain points, you will feel lost and uncertain. There might even be times when you question your sanity because you hear voices or receive messages that are not yours.

You may want to separate yourself from friends and family at certain points because you don’t feel like you can’t relate to them anymore.

You may feel that your “vibe is so much higher”.

All of that is entirely normal, yet, a vital part of spiritual and psychic development is to understand that everyone is on their spiritual journey, and we all have different lessons.

There are no higher or lower vibes, only different paths this time around. In a previous life, we will most like have been what many deem “low vibe people”.

It is not within our power to moralise over other people. We do not suggest that you should stick around toxic people, not at all, yet, I think it is essential that we lean into compassion and curiosity over judgement.

Most importantly, we need to look at ourselves and see if there is anything that needs to improve before we can judge anyone else.

Find a tribe of spiritual people who are grounded, down-to-earth and live an overarchingly normal life. That is where you will find a safe home that offers a true sense of belonging.

A bit about me

I’m Tor, the creator and founder of Esoteric Studies Institute. I’m a Psychic Tarot Reader, Spiritual Healer and Spiritual Educator. As I said previously, my first teacher was my grandmother.

Since 2013, I have sat in Ines Nicholson’s Psychic Development Circle, where my true spirituality came forward. 

My approach to spirituality is practical, down-to-earth and comes without unnecessary woo-woo. I believe we do ourselves a disservice when we mystify psychic development and spirituality too much because it becomes shallow. 

Our psychic mind and spiritual existence are as natural as apples growing on trees; there is nothing paranormal about it. That perhaps removes some of the allure; at the same time, it makes it more real and tangible. 

Exactly how I like it.

One of my favourite quotes from Ines, my spiritual teacher, is, “You should be able to connect with your Inner Spirit, Spiritual Guides and the power at bi at any time anywhere, even behind a dumpster”. 

Don’t get me wrong; I love working in lovely spaces, yet, we must never forget that the most critical space to cultivate is the heaven within ourselves. 

So, my approach to Psychic Development For Beginners and the one I have been taught come without much spiritual paraphernalia, instruments, etc., aside from some crystals. 

Crystals are the only physical object that can genuinely impact a human’s Aura because the crystal has an Aura and a Spirit of itself. 

One of the most vital aspects of being a practising professional psychic is trust and confidence in yourself. To have doubt is human and essential, too, because it can make you more humble. Yet, it is crucial not to allow self-doubt to take over and turn into anxiety because nothing will work. 

Even as I write this, I still have times when I am about to start a session with a client and think, “Will anything come through?”. 

You have to trust yourself and your guides one hundred per cent; otherwise, doing this work will not come to be.

Psychic Development Circle Tor Njamo

Esoteric Studies Institute x Psychic Development For Beginners

At the institute, we believe that each human being is on their individual spiritual journey, learning from their spiritual lesson for their spiritual progression. 

Each life is a lesson; when we die, we most likely reincarnate into another lesson. 

Each of us is unique and here for a reason; otherwise, we would not be here. In the next section of this guide, we will outline the foundations for psychic development for beginners and what is essential to understand to develop your psychic mind. 

At the same time, we want to stress that anything we say is not the ultimate law and that you have to build your sense of spirituality and what it means to you– you have to develop your own spiritual philosophy for life. Eventually, that will become your moral and ethic for life. 

All Psychic Development Start with Meditation 

Meditation is the key to Psychic Development For Beginners. Without it, you will only ever scratch the surface of what is possible for you to comprehend and develop. 

Meditation calms the physical mind and strengthens the psychic mind. 

At the institute, we have a flagship meditation which is a Visual Meditation, and the visual piece is vital to understand. 

You can use the meditation below to get started. This is the same meditation I practice every day, twice daily.

At first, the spiritual realm has no shape or form– it is an endless ocean of colour and sound. Through our minds, we can build a construction which enables us to interact in some ways with the spiritual realm. 

The Visual Meditation Practice builds a bridge of communication between your Physical Mind, Psychic Mind and Spiritual Realm. 

By practising our Visual Meditation, you will find that you can, over time, interact with the Spiritual Realm. When I say the Spiritual Realm, you will be able to interact with your Spiritual Guides, Past Lives and other Spiritual Forces.

Eventually, you will be able to receive messages from the Other Side regularly as a form of guidance from your Spiritual Guides.  

Psychic Development For Beginners is not only about being able to read someone else’s Aura or receive messages from the Other Side– it is also about looking after your Spiritual Well-being.

All of us should do that. 

Visual Meditation is also a brilliant self-healing practice because it cleanses and rejuvenates your Aura and Chakra with colour– more on them below. 

The Aura

The Aura is our Life Force– an electrical force that moves through us via the Red Base Chakra (more of them later). At conception, our Aura becomes attached to our body at the Red Base Chakra. Each living being on the planet has an Aura, connecting us as the electrical force moves through the cosmos. 

All of the information about our past, present and future sits within the Aura, and when you see a Psychic for a reading, what they “read” are the patterns within the Auric Field. 

All psychic work is Aura to Aura– not only psychic work. When you meet a new friend you really like or a romantic partner, that is whether your aura is compatible or not. 

Psychic Work and Healing Work are basically the same things– it all comes from the same place. When a healer places their hands a few centimetres above your body to feel your Aura, what they are examining is the colours within your aura. To understand the information that is coming towards them, they are using their psychic mind. 

For example, perhaps there is too much red or not enough. The healer will then direct colour to replenish what is missing or cool something down. A healer will also understand why the red needs some healing using their psychic abilities. 

Psychic Exercise to do at home

One way to start practising your psychic and healing abilities is by asking volunteers to feel their aura with your hands and see what you pick up. 

Your volunteer can either sit on or chair or lie down. Ask them to close their eyes and take a few deep breaths in. You connect with them by placing your hands on their shoulders. Afterwards, you simply hold your hands a few centimetres above their body and begin to move your hands. As you do, you may or may not start to receive information about what is going on for them. 

Remember to keep the intention in your mind that you are sending healing. In the beginning, that is all you need to do. 

It would help if you did a short meditation before and after this exercise. 

The Chakras

The Chakras are communication points and energy centres within our Auric Field. Our path of life revolves around the chakras. The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit and means “wheel”. 

The Wheel of Life is always turning and moving. 

You can think of the chakras, the spokes on the wheel, and the outer rim as our Aura. What can happen, simply through living, those spokes can break and need a bit of TLC. With meditation and healing, you can replenish the chakras with what they need, and the wheel can be running much more smoothly again.

Exactly like a car needs to see a repair man on a regular basis, we need to do the same to ourselves with meditation.

There are seven main chakras and many minors. 

Counting tends to be from the bottom:

  • Red or base Chakrum – astral or emotional body
  • Orange or stomach Chakrum – lower body
  • Yellow or spleen Chakrum – spiritual body
  • Green or heart Chakrum – causal body
  • Blue or throat and upper chest Chakrum – higher body
  • Indigo or third eye (centre of the forehead) Chakrum – intuitive body
  • Violet or crown Chakrum (entry of Spirit) – etheric (second body but not the Spirit around us)

Our chakras are everything about us. There is an unseen thread which weaves together our body, aura and chakras depending on the states of our chakras that can impact our physical body and mental states. 

For example, let us say the indigo brow chakra is blocked, which can lead to negative thoughts. Again, you can replenish and heal that with meditation.

Psychic Exercise to do at home

Another way to start practising your psychic and healing abilities is by asking volunteers to feel their chakras with your hands and see what you pick up. 

Your volunteer can either sit on or chair or lie down. Ask them to close their eyes and take a few deep breaths in. You connect with them by placing your hands on their shoulders. Afterwards, you simply hold your hands a few centimetres above their chakra points and begin to move your hands. As you do, you may or may not start to receive information about what is going on for them. 

It does not matter if you start at the top or bottom; that is entirely up to you. 

Remember to keep the intention in your mind that you are sending healing. In the beginning, that is all you need to do.  

It would help if you did a short meditation before and after this exercise. 


You may be wondering, what is it which reads someone else’s Aura and Chakras? Most of the time, it is your intuition, extrasensory perception and psychic mind. In many ways, those three terms mean precisely the same. 

Your intuition sits within your third eye and stretches out to investigate what it can find within the aura and relay that information back to your physical mind.

Especially in healing, your fingertips and palms of your hand become like stethoscopes looking for information. As you place your hands above someone’s body, information is relayed via your nervous system to your psychic mind and then to your physical mind. 

Often the information can be vague and metaphorical, and it is up to you to interpret what the data means. 

Our intuition is not only used for healing and in psychic sittings. You can also employ it on yourself. When making an important decision, try listening to your intuition to see if it feels right. 

Sometimes, intuition can show up as anxiety because you have strayed too far from the path. 

Spiritual Guides

Spiritual Guides are Spiritual Forces which get assigned to us at birth. They are there to help us complete our spiritual lessons in the best possible way. One important thing to remember is that we have free will, which means we do not have to listen. 

Our Spiritual Guides will most likely have lived with us in a past life and moved through a similar spiritual lesson to the one we are going through now. 

Many get this wrong, Spiritual Guides are not our friends, nor are they glowing angels with wings. They are more like guides and teachers, meaning they will not shelter us from life challenges but support us through the experience. Because going through challenges is a natural part of life, just like having a good time. 

You will do good to remember that going through a challenge is as important as having a good time– both are lessons in different ways. One is not better than the other. 

Many people are drawn toward angels and other glowing figures. Here at the institute, we do not think angels are a thing because it implies that there are such a thing as good and evil entities in the spiritual realm. 

The universe, cosmos, God, The Great Force, call it whatever you like, is neither good nor evil, only neutral and focused on spiritual progression. 

There are no demons, parasites or other evil entities—these exist within people’s imagination. There are undoubtedly negative energies in the ethers; however, we create that. 

Because our mind is filled with so much fear, anxiety, worry, depression and other negative energies, we easily see evil spirits where there are none. 

Past Lives, Reincarnation and Karma

Past lives, reincarnation and karma all revolve around each other, so I decided to lump these three together. 

All over the world, karma show’s up in different ways. For us, karma is our spiritual lesson and our learning queue. All of us have to move through every possible lesson. That means at some point; we have to be rich, poor, somewhere in the middle and everything else. 

There are no sins, nor are there any karma points. 

That does not mean we condone violence; that is against the law; we believe in goodness and the good of people.

One learner of mine told me that his Buddhist teacher has told him he was gay in this lifetime because he was not a good person in his previous life. That is wrong and based on fear, which there should be none off.

So, yes, there is such a thing as past lives, and you can visit them through Past Life Regression Meditation. During those sessions, you can learn about how events from those lives may impact you now. 

Yes, we do reincarnate when we die, and karma is our learning queue, and no, there are no sins or karma points. 

We understand that we diverge vastly from many other beliefs here. However, this is what our guides have told us in trance sittings. 

The difference between being psychic and clairvoyant 

Everyone is psychic, whilst not everyone is clairvoyant. 

Anyone who practices their psychic abilities can look into the future and see what is coming to some degree. Although, they are much better at digging into the past and present. 

A clairvoyant is much better at looking into the future with more accuracy.

We would recommend not focusing too much on which “Clair-” you are. Instead, focus on calming your mind with meditation and strengthening your focus.

Psychic Development Past Lives

Ways to practice your psychic abilities at home 

Bellow, you are a list of exercises you can do with a fairly low barrier to entry and improve your psychic abilities.


If you do nothing else, practice meditation. Not only because it is good for your psychic development but because it is excellent for your overall well-being. Meditation has proven to be helpful in releasing stress, creating calm and releasing tension. It has been shown to help with pain management.

In the psychic and spiritual sense, meditation helps to calm your physical mind and strengthen your psychic mind. Here at the institute, we use visual meditation because that helps you to understand more of the information that is coming towards you.

Explore colour

Ines says, “Colour is the alphabet of the universe”, and she is correct. The universe, cosmos, God, call it whatever you like is colour. We can see this in our meditation, and the way colour works in healing.

You can become more familiar with colour by holding coloured pieces of paper in the palms of your hand and trying to sense the subtleties between the different colours.

Closer your eyes whilst holding a piece of paper in your hand. Calm your mind and see what you feel. Over time and with practice, you should be able to feel the differences in the vibrations coming off the different colours.

You might even begin to get a sense of the smell and sound of the colour, but this takes time and a lot of practice.

Sending colour

Our extrasensory perception (ESP) is the foundation for our intuitive and psychic abilities.

By working with a partner, you can send each other colours. This works well in person and via Zoom or the phone.

In the beginning, agree on three colours out of the seven main ones. You can go more advanced as you get better.

After you agree on colours, you agree on who will be the first sender and who will be the receiver.

Sit opposite each other, with eyes closed, and then the sender decides to send one of the three colours, and the receiver is going to make an attempt at picking up the colour without knowing which one the sender chose.

As you get better, you can use more colours, then shapes and eventually objects.

This is very difficult, yet the most effective exercise is likely to improve your psychic abilities.


You can practice your psychic abilities with hands-on healing.

Ask volunteers to feel their aura and chakras with your hands and see what you pick up. 

Your volunteer can either sit on or chair or lie down. Ask them to close their eyes and take a few deep breaths in. Afterwards, you simply hold your hands a few centimetres above their body and begin to move your hands. As you do, you may or may not start to receive information about what is going on for them. 

Remember to keep the intention in your mind that you are sending healing. In the beginning, that is all you need to do. 

It would help if you did a short meditation before and after this exercise. 


Pendulums can be a useful tool to become familiar with because it is excellent for healing and finding quick answers to questions.

We prefer using them for healing because the pendulum is easily manipulated by our minds, and we are not very good at letting go of our biases when working the pendulum.

If you have not seen a pendulum before, it is a small crystal typically hanging on the end of a metal string.

You can hold it in one hand and ask yes and not question. When it swings, clock-wise is yes, whilst anti-clock-wise is no.

You can practice with a pendulum by asking volunteers to feel their chakras and Aura with your pendulum and see what you pick up. 

Your volunteer can either sit on or chair or lie down. Ask them to close their eyes and take a few deep breaths in. You connect with them by placing your hands on their shoulders.

Afterwards, you simply hold your pendulum a few centimetres above their chakra points. As you do, you ask the pendulum if this chakra or area of the body needs healing. If it says yes, you can ask it which colour it needs by moving through the seven main colours and asking for yes and no questions.  

Example: Does the red base chakra need healing? (Yes/No)

Example: Does the left foot need Healing? (Yes/no)

Example: Does the left foot need Red? (Yes/no)

After you have got the answer, you can send the appropriate colour towards that chakra or body part.

It does not matter if you start at the top or bottom; that is entirely up to you. 

Remember to keep the intention in your mind that you are sending healing. In the beginning, that is all you need to do.  

It would help if you did a short meditation before and after this exercise. 

Tarot Cards

One of the easiest ways to begin practising your psychic abilities at home is with a deck of Tarot Cards. People first used the deck to play card games; however, some clever people eventually learned that you could use them for divination. 

The deck has 78 cards; each card has a picture and has historically been assigned a meaning. We recommend that you do not get too caught up in the meanings of the cards and allow yourself to connect with your psychic abilities instead. Use the pictures on the cards as a springboard for your psychic mind and see what messages come toward you. 

An easy way to begin is to find a volunteer and pull three cards for them. The first card represents the past, the one in the middle represents the present, and the third card represents the future. 

In the beginning, don’t worry if you get it right or wrong; just go with it, and you will build your confidence over time. 

Another way to practice with the Tarot Deck is to pull yourself a card every day after your meditation and write down what you sense. You will notice that you will feel something different when you pull the same card again at a later date because the meaning of the cards changes with the energies around you. 


Psychometry is when you hold an object and do a reading of that object. For example, let’s say you have a new friend, and they own a necklace they inherited from their grandmother. 

You hold that necklace in your hand, and you can do a reading on its journey through its life. You will get a sense of the grandmother and its current owner. The necklace will store all of that auric energy. 

Again, just open your mind and see what messages come to you. Your friend should be able to verify whether you are wrong or right.  

Automatic Writing 

Automatic writing is when you partially allow Spirit to take over your arm and write messages. 

You can do this all alone, yet, it is easiest with someone else in the room. 

Ask for a volunteer, sit in front of them with a piece of paper to write on, calm your mind and allow your hand to flow. 

You may get something, or you may not. Do not be discouraged if nothing happens the first time around. To let Spirit take over your arm is not an easy task and takes a lot of practice. It may also not be there way that you are inclined. You may be much better at seeing and interpreting images in your mind. 

Astral Projection

Astral projection is when you decide to stretch your third eye and Aura beyond the confines of your own home.

With a friend’s permission, you can astral project to their home in meditation. An easy exercise would be to ask them to leave something out on the kitchen counter, and then you find out what that is.

You can do this exercise by using the meditation earlier in this text.

Final words for Psychic Development for Beginners

You can use a million different books and online resources to practice psychic development for beginners. We hope ours is practical and easy to access without much fluff. 

Many of you will want to rush forward and do everything at once. We have nothing against that; at the same time, we urge you to be patient and give your mind the time it needs to adjust to opening itself up to the psychic once again. 

Because recalibrating your mind to be open takes time and effort. 

Delving into the spiritual space will sometimes make you feel lonely and uncertain about your life choices. Remember, everything we go through is a part of our Spiritual Lesson. 

In Spirit, you are never alone, and if you ever feel lonely on this path, do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Esoteric Studies Institute. 

We hope you have enjoyed this resource on Psychic Development For Beginners and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out on Instagram or send us an email [email protected]