What is the Aura?

The Aura is an electrical force which animates the earthly realm; it is the electrical current which gives us all the ability to be alive—this electrical current moves through our being from the red base chakra. Our aura attaches it to our physical being at conception, and you can say this is our Spiritual Life Force. The Chinese, for example, call this Chi.

You may have seen the Aura depicted as a halo around people’s heads in religious paintings. In more new-age illustrations, you see a field of colour around people. You may also have seen the Aura in Aura photos; however, how reliable and truthful they are is questionable but fun.

The Aura is the Spirit Around Us

Everything about us exists within the Aura; our past, present and future. Another name for the Aura is the Spirit Around Us. When we are alive, the Spirit Around Us is the entity that learns from our life experiences and also moves back into the Spiritual Realm when we die to be reborn.

We are the reflection of the Aura. Everything about “us”, all the information about our past, present and future, sits within the fabric of the Aura, similarly to the Chakras.

The only time the Aura would lose its shape around the body would be when it left the body for either travelling towards Spirit (death) or out-of-body experiences.

The Aura Colours

Above we mention that the Aura, The Spirit around us, is attached to our physical body at the base chakra. With your mind’s eye, try to imagine the body as an energy conductor with an entry point at the bottom and top of the body.

The Cosmic Energy of the universe, which is the electric force, moves through our being. Because of the structure of our physical body, the energy conductor, that energy is held in place for the duration of our lives, a bit like a lightning bolt that moves from the sky to the earth. The Life force enters us via the red base chakra at conception. The earth also has an Aura, which is the rainbow split up by water and dust particles.

Circling back to the analogy of the energy conductor, try to imagine an electrical current moving through an energy conductor; in this instance, the human body is the energy conductor. When we are born, a switch is turned on, and the energy moves through the conductor and is held in place by the physical body. When we die, and the Aura leaves us, the switch gets turned off, and the energy, which is our Spirit, moves on to a different dimension.

Whilst it is turned on, we have a continuity of that force moving through us, so the Aura is a constantly moving situation such as lightning. “We” are continually being “charged” with energy from the Cosmos.

Psychics, mediums and clairvoyants can “read” the Aura because it moves so fast that it looks stationary.

So, why should we care about the Aura, and why is it relevant to our daily life? Everyone’s aura is all over the place all the time. Simply by brushing against a handrail, we can pick up someone else’s aura. Therefore, we want to ensure that we regularly cleanse our aura with meditation and crystals. Moreover, blockages can show up within our auric field, leading to poor health.

The Aura Meditation

Cleansing your Aura

You can cleanse your aura in multiple different ways; there are three primary methods we recommend.


When you practice meditation, you will automatically cleanse and replenish your aura, particularly if you practice visual meditation, with the chakras included. This happens because if you focus your mind and calm down your internal chatter, the valve around the base chakra will open up to allow more of the electrical current to move through you. This will have a cleansing effect. Imagine a flood of water suddenly moving through a pipe, cleaning out all of the grit.

Colour Healing

Another way to cleanse your aura is with colour healing on yourself. With your mind’s eye, look inside yourself, and try to sense which colour you are missing. The Aura, the electrical current, is made of colour. The colours are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. With your own self-sensing, you can see which colour you are deprived of at this moment in time.

When you have found the colour you think you are missing, take three deep breaths, focusing on breathing in that colour.

The effect should be immediate, although you will most likely have to repeat the process when you start losing that colour again.

The Aura Healing


Crystals are elemental forces of nature, the only physical object that can connect spiritually with a human being. Because it also has a life force of its own. Crystals are essentially energy conductors, and they can enhance how much of the Life Force we can channel.

During meditation, hold onto the crystal that you are drawn to, which will enhance the meditation’s effect. With a clear crystal quartz point, you can also sweep your aura.

Aura healing on other people

With someone’s permission, you can practice aura healing on other people. We do not advise charging for this until you have a qualification and insurance.

Ask a friend to sit on a chair, close their eyes and take three deep breaths. First, place your hands on their shoulders, and then move your hands across their body a few inches away for five to ten minutes.

Whilst moving your hands, see if you pick up on any imbalances or problems. Focus on sending healing to those areas. When you are done, place your hands back on their shoulders to close the session.

Afterwards, talk briefly about what you picked up and where you sent healing.

This is precisely what we do in a Spiritual Healing session with our clients. We work with their Aura and Chakras, send healing and then give feedback on what we did afterwards. We do not think you have to move your hands in a certain way or anything.

In time, you will want to explore many more esoteric topics to broaden your understanding of how all of this comes together.

If you have any thoughts, questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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