01: Introducing Esoteric FYI Podcast

Esoteric FYI Podcast will become our audio platform where we thoughts, reflections and teachings from the esoteric and spiritual place.

You can listen to the first episode of Esoteric FYI Podcast below.

Tor, our founder of Esoteric Studies Institute, will be hosting the podcast; what the podcast will include is yet to be determined. For now, at least, Esoteric FYI Podcast will be a space where Tor will share his often unedited thoughts and ideas.

We want this to be a place practitioners and spiritual seekers can go to find an alternative to perhaps what someone else is saying and use that for food for thought. At the institute, we do not want anyone to adopt our ideas outright. All of us should set aside the time to reflect over and consider what we hear, before acting on any of the knowledge that is given to us.

Esoteric FYI

Where to find Esoteric FYI Podcast

You can find Esoteric FYI Podcast on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcast. We would greatly appreciate it if you comment, like, and subscribe to our podcast. That helps to boost it so others can find it.

If you want Tor to go over questions or comment on something, feel free to do that in the comment section below or on Instagram.

Esoteric FYI Podcast Transcript

Hello, friends. My name is Toy Njamo, and I am your host here on Esoteric FYI. 

This podcast will consist of audio essays, journal entries on current spiritual trends, and perhaps a few interviews covering various Esoteric topics. 

I am a psychic, power reader, spiritual healer, and spiritual educator, and I’m just starting this podcast to share my thoughts, ideas, reflections, and so much more through a spiritual lens. 

Most of the time the themes will be spiritual, yet it might venture into some occasional more generic well being topics, such as exercise and sleep, because for those of you who know me well, know that I love both of those things. 

To set the scene for the podcast and for myself, I thought I’d start by sharing pieces of my spiritual journey where it began. And for those of you who have been following me for a while will know this story well, but others won’t, so I thought I would reshare it again. 

My journey with spirituality began already when I was a child. My grandmother was a clairevoyant medium, and when I visited her every summer, she taught me everything she knows about the tarot, the crystals, the meditation, the guides, and so much more. I could just not be more grateful to her because my childhood was rather chaotic. 

When I was six, my parents got divorced, my childhood home burned to the ground, and my mother always struggled to make ends meet. I was bullied for a really long time. And also at home in general, there was just a lot of instability. 

When I did visit my grandmother, she taught me meditation and a generic spiritual philosophy, which I believe is what helped me to live through those experiences with a sense of perspective, and it also gave me the inner spiritual strength that I needed to persevere.

It was not until I came out as gay when I was 15 that I really began to find my voice and be truly confident in who I am. During adolescence, chasing boys and drinking was obviously a lot more fun than cultivating my heaven within. 

Yet in 2013, I met Inas Nicholson, who is my primary meditation teacher and spiritual teacher, and she’s been incredibly formative in making me into the person that I am now. 

Through my journey, I have been overweight twice, and I still have somewhat of a tense relationship with food, because to an extent, I’m still an emotional eater. It’s something I’m working on, and I’m not sharing this with you all to receive some pity or anything of that sort. It’s more about showing that you can go through a difficult time and live to see the other side. 

I appreciate that even with my struggles as a young person, I recognize that in so many ways I won the birth lottery by being born in Norway, which most of you will know is it called an affluent country. Still, I hope that my story can inspire others and by sharing how I live spiritually has contributed to the mindset that I have now and how I live.

I believe that my approach to spirituality is down to earth, accessible, sensible, and easy to understand. And I also really hope that it comes across in that way, too. My first comment on the spiritual space is that I think there’s a lot of focus on the external, what we can do in the external world to become more spiritual and letting practitioners do a lot of the work. 

Spirituality comes from within, and each and every person who ventures on this journey has to do it for themselves. And that’s so important. And for any of those of you who are out there, that is the key. You have to do the work. Nobody else can do the work for you. 

It has nothing to do with what you eat, what you wear, or anything of that sort. It’s an energy within you. It’s the sense of acceptance of your life and who and what you are. That’s what I think spirituality is all about and going with that flow of life. 

Hopefully this gives an introduction to what this podcast is going to be all about, where it might be heading. I mean, I’m just going to let the podcast unfold because for now, I don’t necessarily know what it’s going to be. But I think I just want to share my thoughts, share my ideas, share my reflections, and see where it goes. 

And I hope that you find that useful. Thank you so much for listening. And you can find me @tornjamo @EsotericStudiesInstitute on Instagram.

We hope that you enjoyed Esoteric FYI Podcast.

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