How to Guide: Start your spiritual journey 

To start your spiritual journey can be confusing because “spirituality” incarnates differently worldwide; within this post, we aim to give you some guidance on how you can begin. 

Since the dawn of day, humankind seems to bake spiritual practices into their cultures and traditions. So you may wonder, who is correct? Yoga? Buddhism? Shamanism? Gurus? Christianity? 5Dism? Where do you start? Which beliefs do you adopt? 

There is no wrong or correct answer here because, in some ways, they are all correct in that the cosmic guiding force guided the people from that part of the world to have those beliefs. We now see in our interconnected world that people adopt ideas from everywhere. 

There is nothing wrong with that; everyone has a different spiritual path to move through. Here at the institute, we advocate that people take a step back from all spiritual and religious beliefs, reevaluate, and connect directly with the cosmic guiding force via meditation. And from that place, see what emerges as thoughts and feelings about how to live.

Steps Start Spiritual Journey

The Steps to Start Your Spiritual Journey

Bellow, we articulate a list of steps we think can be a helpful place to start your spiritual journey. That is not to say that we have all the answers and that our way is the way because there are many different ways. You have to decide what works for you. 

The First Step

For us, meditation is the beginning and end of all spiritual development. We believe you must move inward to shed preconceived notions of what anything “spiritual” is. From the calmness of your mind, new doors will open, and you will undoubtedly gain a new perspective. 

When those doors open, and all constructs of traditions, rituals, cultures, and ideas float away, that is where we believe your spirituality will emerge from. 

Meditation Start Spiritual Journey

After each meditation, capture how you feel and what you experienced. Over time, you may notice how you feel and think changes positively. 

If you do nothing else, practice meditation. We adhere to a visual meditation here at the institute, yet, you can choose what suits you. 

The Second Step

For us, the second step to start your spiritual journey is to accept the continuation of life, meaning reincarnation, that each life is a lesson, and that there are no sins—only a learning queue. Here we diverge from most other similar spiritual practices with reincarnation. Many others believe that if you did something “bad” in a previous life, that would affect you now, or if you are doing something “bad” now, that will impact the next. 

We do not subscribe to this because each life is a lesson, and we must move through each one. Moreover, we would never ask you to take this at face value. Through Past Life Regression, you can experience that you have lived before and will again. 

You can visit Past Lives via meditation. 

The Third Step

The third step to start your spiritual journey is establishing a profound connection with your intuition, Inner Spirit and Spiritual Guides. 

You can develop a connection with your intuition, Inner Spirit, and Spiritual Guides through the practice of meditation. All of that, if you wish, will emerge from that calmness of your mind. 

The Fourth Step

Within the spiritual sphere, there is so much to explore: Out-of-body, aura, chakra, crystals, out-of-body, pendulums, tarot cards etc. 

Within the Esoteric Studies Institute resource library, there will be many different resources for you to explore.

For the fourth step to start your spiritual journey, we recommend avoiding anything that seems sensational and prescriptive beyond meditation. The cosmos does not care what you wear, eat or say. All it cares about is that you fulfil your path in life and start your spiritual journey. 

Cosmos Start Spiritual Journey

No one knows precisely what the cosmos looks like– all we can say is that it does not have a particular gender; it does not punish. From our understanding, it is an ocean of colour and sound, a consciousness we cannot even begin to comprehend, and our mind is what makes it into a physical reality. 

As we said earlier if you do nothing else: meditate. In meditation, you will calm your physical mind, strengthen your spiritual faculties and connect with your intuition.

If you have any comments or questions about how to start your spiritual journey, feel free to leave them below.

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