How to Guide: Colours to improve your workspace 

Many are aware of the importance of colour, yet few understand their cosmic healing significance and how you can use colours to improve your workspace, which will, in turn, positively impact you. 

The cosmos is an ever-flowing ocean of colour and sound. With physical coloured objects and meditation, we can tap into the positive healing force which guides that energy.

What does this have to with our workspace and ourselves? Sometimes, our etheric energies; the Aura and Chakras can become depleted of colour simply by living, and we will want to restore that colour balance within ourselves and in our workspace. You can achieve that by keeping certain coloured objects around you and meditation.

Colour - Workspace

The colours to improve your workspace 

Overall wellbeing 

We recommend keeping a yellow and green object in your space to bring about an overall sense of wellbeing. The yellow will kindle your Inner Spirit, and the green will promote a sense of harmony. 

Focus and clarity

We advise using a blue and purple object for focus and clarity. The blue object will cleanse, and the purple will collaborate with the blue on that task to enhance your focus. 


Creativity is the beacon for newness, and to foster a brilliant sense of creativity, we suggest yellow and purple. The yellow together with purple will infuse your mind with divinely guided inspiration. 


How we can improve our productivity is everyone’s lips, and for this, we lean towards orange and pink. These colours will help bring forward more of your life force and help you be more productive. 


We recommend keeping a yellow object nearby to improve your belief in yourself and boosting your confidence. 

Choosing your colours

Difficult conversations 

We all will experience difficult conversations with colleagues at work or partners at home. We suggest keeping a blue object near for these types of conversations, as it will cool your emotions and help you stay on track with the discussion and its goal. 

Intuitively choosing colours to improve your workspace

The colours to improve your workspace suggestions above a generic, and it is always best to choose yourself with your intuition. So, therefore, in meditation, ask your guiding forces which colours to improve your workspace at this moment in time, and remember it will change over time. 

You can also use a pendulum to pick colours to improve your workspace. If you are unfamiliar with them, there are many online guides. 

Physical objects with particular colours can help you improve the overall sense of wellbeing within your workspace. Yet, there are also practices you can do on yourself.

Below, we outline a meditation you can use to get started.

Colour meditation healing on yourself

Before we head into the meditation, let us briefly outline the chakras. There are seven main chakras and many minors. 

  • Red Chakra (Waist down)
  • Orange Chakra (Stomach)
  • Yellow Chakra (Solar Plexus) 
  • Green Chakra (Heart) 
  • Blue Chakra (Throat) 
  • Indigo Chakra (Brow) 
  • Violet Chakra (Just above your head) 

These can become underworked, overworked, blocked and out of balance. You can diagnose their state all by yourself and also improve them. 

Colour Meditation

Here is a short guide to get you started

  1. Lower the blinds, make sure you cannot be disturbed, light a candle and play some non-intrusive soft music 
  2. Lie down on a sofa/bed, close your eyes, and take three deep breaths in to move into a relaxed state
  3. Move a blue light through your body from your head to your feet (focus on each body part)
  4. Try to see each chakra with your mind’s eye starting with the red and ending with the violet 
  5. Check each one of them; if it feels off, your can either add or retract some colour 
  6. When you are done, shroud yourself in violet light, take another deep breath in and open your eyes

If you need some extra help, hold a piece of colour in your hand in the colour you believe is required. 

In a Spiritual Healing session with us at Esoteric Studies Institute, we particularly work with the Chakras.

We hope that you now have some understanding of how you can use colours to improve your workspace.

Colours are marvellous cosmic energies and can be incredibly healing for our human existence. The outline above is incredibly basic, so we recommend giving yourself some space to explore them independently in meditation. 

Only then can you begin to become aware of the intricacies of colour. Ines often says that colours are the alphabet of the universe. Remember, there are many different shades, hues, and so on to explore. All of them will have a different effect on the human psyche. 

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