Past Life Regression: how does it work?

Past Life Regression is when you take an intentional step back into a past life. When we say a past life, we mean the life before this one. You read correctly; we believe you have lived before and will most likely live again.

This belief is common in many spiritual traditions, yet few of them have a way to visit them. Most spiritual traditions also have an ethical framework wrapped around reincarnation. This means they believe how you lived in a past life can negatively impact your life now. It is easy to see how this has come to be because experiences from a past life can spill over into this life, yet, it is not a punishment. There is never any punishment, only learning.

Past Life Regression Spiritual Elders

For example, the spiritual elders of one of our students told him that his sexuality in this life was a punishment from a past life. We do not believe this is the case; that is simply not how it works.

What can happen is that let us say you always went to bed hungry in a past life. That could leave you with a feeling of never being able to do so in this life.

Many will not believe visiting past lives is possible. At the same time, when you are led through a Past Life Regression Meditation, you may get a sense that you have been there before. No one can make you feel or sense anything; you have to decide whether it seems real or not.

What is the purpose of Past Life Regression?

The purpose of Past Life Regression is to give evidence that Past Lives may exist and get a sense of acceptance of the continuation of life. When we accept the continuation of life, that will improve inner peace, harmony and serenity.

We can learn from our Past Lives; for example, imagine that you have stage fright in this life. You then decide to visit a past life, only to see yourself holding a speech in front of thousands of people. That can give you the confidence to do so again in this life.

Past Life Regression Healing

As we mentioned earlier in the text, experiences from a past life might impact you now. Ines, our advisor and associate, tells a story of how she used to be afraid of dogs until she visited a past life. She found out that she was killed by a pack of wolves in a past life. Her fright of dogs is now completely gone.

Tor, our founder, led two clients through a meditation, only to get a profound sense that he had a life with them before.

How to do Past Life Regression

The only way to visit a past life is via meditation; preferably, you should be guided by someone else. Because our mind, body and spirit need to let go entirely, which is difficult when we try to do it ourselves.

To visit past lives is not dangerous, nor will it always work. We do not remember our Past Lives initially for a reason, and one reason is that we often have lives with the same people. In a past life, you may have been enemies, whilst in this life, you are lovers. Not everyone can live with that reality, and neither are we meant to.

In a Past Life Regression, we will only be given valuable information to us in this life. Because, as we say above, there is a reason we do not remember. So if you enter a Past Life Regression Meditation and nothing shows up, do not worry. You are not meant to get the information right now, yet this may change, so you are more than welcome to try again later.

When we work with clients for a Psychic Tarot Reading and Spiritual Healing, past lives may show up as knowing about them can be incredibly healing and rewarding.

If you have any questions about Past Life Regression, feel free to leave them below.

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