Psychic Development: A Guide

Psychic Development is the development of the self. What the self is, no one can say with certainty; in this context, we talk about how you respond to each step of your path of life.

At Institute of Esoteric Studies think that each human being gets assigned a spiritual lesson to complete at birth. The path will come with many different opportunities and challenges. Psychic Development works towards improving how you respond to those opportunities and challenges.

Very few people can say what a right or wrong way to respond to one’s life is. Only you can develop that understanding from within yourself, which can emerge from Psychic Development.

Psychic Development

Even though all human beings are assigned a spiritual lesson to complete, you have free will, which is always important to remember. You have some room to decide what your choices are going to be. We have no say about the culture we become born into or many of our choices until we become an adolescent and young adults. Yet, from then onwards, our choices become more and more ours.

When you opened this post, we imagine that you probably thought this was about improving your psychic abilities – and it is. Simultaneously, Psychic Development is about bettering your attitude of mind.

Because without a good attitude, operating in the psychic area is difficult. When you work one to one with people, we represent what tapping into our psychic abilities looks like. At the Institute, we think that is of vital importance.

Psychic Development Practices

You may be curious about where you should start to enhance your psychic abilities.

We believe that meditation should always be the first port of call at the Institute.

Because to get in touch with our psychic mind, we first have to learn to calm our physical mind to open the doors to the Spiritual Realm.

With practice, you can achieve that via meditation. We love what mindfulness and breathing meditation has done for the mental health space. Many more people need to implement daily moments of silent contemplation. The scientific evidence of the benefits is vast and well known. At the same time, we observe that mindfulness and breathing often, not always, stop developing with the physical.

Meditation Psychic Development

When we think that meditation can expand into so many more areas, the Visual Meditation that we teach in our Visual Meditation Practice will positively affect the physical: reduce stress, decrease anxiety and create clarity. In addition, it will develop your psychic mind by building a bridge of communication between the physical and spiritual realm.

The Spiritual Realm is all around us all the time; only we cannot see it with the naked eye. That is why we have to build a way to see it with our mind’s eye. The benefit of that is that you will increase your Spiritual Well-being, which will beneficially impact your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Through our Visual Meditation, you can become familiar with your Chakras, Spiritual Guides, Past Lives, receive messages from the other side, and so much more. Trust us; the spiritual exploration is endless.

Learn Psychic Knowledge
Even though meditation is the essential practice for Psychic Development, it is all you will ever need to retrieve spiritual knowledge from the universe. Learning about different spiritual and psychic topics will also extend your ability to interact with this space.

On our Resource Library, we offer content on many different topics such as Chakras, Aura, Intuition, Extra Sensory Perception and many more. When you explore these modules, you will come to understand that there is so much more in between the Physical and Spiritual Realm.

We do not proclaim that our way and the way we present spiritual knowledge is the only way. All we want to do is give you food for thought and a place to start your exploration.

Aura Chakra Psychic Development

Psychic Exercises
Beyond meditation and learning Spiritual Knowledge, you can further open your mind via Psychic Exercises. There are some you can do at home, whilst others you need to join a Psychic Development Circle for.

Here is a list of exercises you can do at home with friends and family:

  • Tarot Reading
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Chakra Cleansing
  • Sending colours via ESP
  • Pendulum
  • Psychometry


We hope you found this helpful guide and have fun while developing your Psychic Abilities. For us, venturing on this psychic and spiritual journey has been the most meaningful choice we have ever made.

Please be patient with yourself. Psychic Development takes practice and a long time to develop.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below on this blog post or on the youtube video at the top of this blog post.

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