A Guide to Spiritual Self-Healing

Esoteric Studies Institute Spiritual Self-Healing guide aims to make spiritual self-healing clearer and easier to understand. We often observe that spiritual approaches to healing seem incredibly complicated and inaccessible.

We hope that our guide to spiritual self-healing will help spur you on your healing journey and begin to open your mind to the Spiritual Realm.

At the institute, we place energy, colour, chakra, psychic, aura and crystal healing within the area of Spiritual Healing. You could say that Reiki, Sound and Shamanic Healing also sit within that box. However, at the institute, we focus on energy.

Four Steps towards Spiritual Self-Healing

Spiritual Self-Healing

There are many steps you can take towards starting with Spiritual Self-Healing. We believe that fundamentally, the most vital step is meditation.


Meditation incarnates differently all over the world, depending on cultures and traditions. Since early 2000 it has also been popularised via mindfulness and breathing meditation. In our Visual Meditation Programme at the institute, we propose a Visual Meditation, which is our flagship meditation.

We believe that this meditation is particularly good for spiritual healing because it includes components that take the practice beyond breathing and focusing on the moment. They are excellent for reducing stress, alleviating anxiety and creating clarity. Yet, we think that meditation devoid of Spirituality only takes us half way there.

The meditation that we advocate for includes cleansing and balancing the chakras, connecting with your spiritual guides, potentially stepping into past lives and receiving messages from Spirit. That stretches what is possible with meditation.

That is not to say that you need to be spiritual to benefit from practising meditation. However, it does help when bringing forward the spiritual components.

The benefit of practising meditation with spiritual elements is that it brings forward a sense of wellbeing which is deeper than what you can get from only focusing on your breath.

The beauty of this is that you can also practice at home, without a teacher or healer. In the end, you are your own best self healer. And when you practice our meditation, you open yourself up to the Healing Force of the Cosmos, which is spiritual self-healing.

Breathe Colour

Spiritual Self-Healing Breathe Colour

The Electrical Force which moves through everything in the universe is made up of different colours. Our Aura has a colour, and so do our chakras. Another way to practice Spiritual Self-Healing at home is by breathing colour.

You can do that by focusing on a particular colour and then saying either aloud or within your mind that you are breathing that colour. For example, let us say you sense that your green heart chakra feels blocked. You can then focus on breathing in that colour, and the effect should be immediate.

As a side note, if you notice that either of your chakras is not working properly, you can choose to eat foods in that colour or wear certain types of clothing. That should also help to bring about healing for those chakras.

Crystal Healing

Spiritual Self-Healing Crystals

Crystals are elemental forces of nature that can help to boost the amount of energy coming through during the healing process. For example, you can point a clear crystal point towards the area you want healing to be directed. That will guide a higher amount of healing energy toward that area. Or you can hold a crystal during your meditation and that will help to open up the valve around your base chakra more.

Past Life Regression

Adverse events and experiences from past lives can spill over into your current life. For example, let’s say a bear in a previous life killed you. That can lead you to be afraid of dogs this time around. When you visit a past life and find that out, the fear should go away. You can access past lives via meditation and this is undoubtedly a form of Spiritual Self-Healing.

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