Is Psychic Tarot Reading evil?

I always open my Psychic Tarot Reading with contracting and ask whether the clients have any concerns or worries about the reading. One time, one of my clients asked if my answers would come from the devil or some other evil entity.

At first, I was a bit taken aback by this because no one had ever asked that before. Keeping an impassive face, I asked her why she would think that. This led her to share that she was actually an orthodox Christian. Again, I was a bit taken aback that she was even coming to me for a Psychic Tarot Reading because I thought that would not fit very well with her religion.

At the same time, I thought, if the guides have led her to me, then that is for a reason, and I do not judge; I only channel what comes. I assured her my answers were not from the devil or another evil entity.

We ended up having an extremely good Psychic Tarot Reading, and she was very open to the information that came forward during the session.

I have also come across Christian religious websites that claim that seeing a Psychic, Medium or Clairevoyant is evil. I think this is a shame because it creates fear in people’s minds that we do not need more of.

Psychic Tarot Reading

So, is a Psychic Tarot Reading evil? The answer is no.

The only caveat here is that you might come across practitioners who are unethical actors who claim to be operating with black magic. From what I have been told and seen myself so far, is that black or dark magic does not exist. Nor does magic in general.

All that these types of practitioners do is create fear and dependency, not more, nothing less. Instead, what we should be focusing on is creating liberation and independence.

The experience of a Psychic Tarot Reading or Spiritual Healing session may seem magical, but I do not think that spells, curses, unicorns, fairies, angels and other superstitions are real. I am well aware that many people will disagree with this, yet, this is where I stand.

Building on this, I also do not think there is such a thing as evil entities in the spiritual realm out to get us. All of that comes from religion and ancient practices that did not understand clearly what they were coming across.

Psychic Tarot Reading - Evil

There is undoubtedly negative energy around, there is no doubt about that, but human beings create this negative energy. Whenever you come across perhaps an angry ghost, that might seem like an evil entity, yet, that is only a Spirit who is stuck and maybe was not the nicest person when they were alive, that’s all. Not a demon.

Humans are incredible at rendering something it does not understand into something evil. We often do this, and I think our mind does this all the time when we come across a spiritual force that seems bigger than ourselves, and then it is evil.

You can develop your Spiritual understanding and confidence by working with a grounded and practical teacher/guide or by joining a Psychic Development Circle.

What does guide the Psychic Tarot Reading?

So, if a Psychic Tarot Reading is not evil, where does the guidance come from? That is a good question, and there is not a straightforward answer because it depends.

The Tarot deck is an instrument for the mind to use as an anchor. I love The Tarot because I grew up with it, and I’m a visual person, so the images on the cards work very well for me. However, the information that comes forward does not strictly only come from the spread and the cards; if anything, that is only a minor part.

The information comes from the psychic’s intuition (sixth sense), the psychic mind, spiritual guides and what they read within the client’s Aura. All of us have an Aura which holds all information about our past, present and future. You may ask, so why do we even need the Tarot? Strictly speaking, we don’t, but it does give the mind something to focus on, and the guides will guide the choice of the cards. Also, many clients like the solidness of the pictures and cards. It makes more sense to them that the information comes from the spread rather than the psychic or clairvoyants mind.

What happens at a Psychic Tarot Reading?

At a Psychic Tarot Reading, you are given the opportunity to explore the energetic forces that are around you at this moment in time. The future is not set in stone and always changing, so therefore any information you receive at a reading must be held within that frame of mind.

You can bring any question you like within ethical boundaries. Most of the time, a Psychic Tarot Reader is not a medical or law professional, which means any Tarot Reader should remain within their expertise.

At first, they will most likely give you an open reading and then move into specific questions afterwards.

How do I know if a Psychic Tarot Reading is ethical?

Before signing up for a reading with anyone, I would research and check on their website to see if they have anything which mentions ethics or anything similar. Because then you will know that the practitioner has put some thought into ensuring they are ethical.

On their website or socials, there should also be clearly stated testimonials and perhaps some written texts around how they approach offering Psychic Tarot Reading.

I am still concerned that a Psychic Tarot Reading is Evil; what do I do?

Before signing up for a reading, I would reach out to a Psychic Tarot Reader who can help put your mind at ease. Sitting in a Psychic Sitting is very personal and often vulnerable, so you will want to ensure that you develop a good relationship with your practitioner.

Perhaps going for a Tarot Reading is not suitable for you right now. This could change in the future, but you should not put yourself in a position where someone can take advantage of you.

At Esoteric Studies Institute, we are committed to making you feel safe and secure during any sessions with us. If you have any questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to put them in the comment below.

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