Psychic Tarot Reading For Beginners

Offering Psychic Tarot Reading is going through a vast renaissance, and you who are reading this might be someone who is considering it or has already begun.

Interestingly, the use of psychic services surged during the pandemic, and psychic videos on TikTok are exploding. We think this is brilliant at the institute because it shows that the Age of Aquarius is upon us, and many more people are opening their minds to this space.

In this blog post, we will go into how you can safely begin to offer Psychic Tarot Reading and what are some of the pitfalls you will want to look out for.

To offer a Psychic Tarot Reading for a fee is not something someone should just do willy-nilly. Most people who come for a Tarot Reading are often in a vulnerable place and are looking for answers to difficult questions about love, work and money.

As a beginner psychic, you must consider this and take it seriously. We do not say this to put people off, but to accept that it is a tremendous responsibility.

Tarot Cards

Choosing your first Tarot Deck for Psychic Tarot Reading

There are many different Tarot Decks on the market; no, you do not have to be gifted, nor will the Tarot Deck take a piece of your soul as you use it. These are stories we have heard, and neither of them is true.

You can safely use a Tarot Deck without anything bad happening.

To choose your first deck, we advise that you go to an alternative store; simply walk around and see which deck you are drawn to. The deck that you are supposed to have will call upon you, and your guides will move you towards the deck which is right for you.

More does not mean better; find a deck you enjoy and work with for a while to familiarise yourself with the deck’s energy. If you want that it doesn’t gel, then you can go to get another.

Psychic Tarot Reading Development

There are a few different ways to begin training as a Psychic Tarot Reader, and yes, even if you are incredibly intuitive, receiving some guidance and training can be helpful. There are many excellent online courses on how to use the Tarot in a psychic and non-psychic way. As you grow as a Psychic Reader, you will want to explore other esoteric topics too.

Not everyone believes that people can use them for divination. We do.

Our primary recommendation is to join a Psychic Development Circle, which will be run by someone who is experienced, shows you how to meditate and can help you safely develop your abilities.

In a Psychic Developement Circle you get the space to develop your confidence and become comfortable with what it feels like to get something wrong, because we are human in the end, and you will get stuff wrong. That is just life, and the sooner you accept that the better.

Not everyone agrees with this, but we believe everyone has psychic abilities; just not everyone decides to work on them.

When it comes to Psychic Development, meditation is the most important practice you can decide to adopt. Meditation helps to calm the physical mind and strengthen the psychic mind. Your meditation practice will also open your mind to meet your Spiritual Guides, Past Lives and improve your intuition.

Another way to begin developing your abilities outside of a circle is to start pulling one card daily and reflect upon the ideas and thoughts that come towards you.

The Tarot

Every morning after your meditation, pull a card and journal on whatever shows up for you. Over time, you will notice that even when you pull the same card, you will get different thoughts because energies change. Over time, you will develop a strong relationship with your deck and the card’s meaning. If you can, avoid reading their meanings, although we understand this isn’t easy.

Beginning to offer Psychic Tarot Reading

Before you begin to offer Psychic Tarot Reading for a fee, we recommend doing it for free for a very long time to build your confidence and become comfortable with getting this wrong.

You will also want to ensure that you have insurance because things do go wrong, and you will want to be insured.

Choosing your spread

We use the Tarot Deck in an intuitive way, meaning we do not use the “meaning” prescribed to the cards so literally. Instead, we use the pictures on the deck as a springboard for our imagination and psychic mind to come forward.

We also don’t use any elaborate spreads; instead, we often open the session by asking the clients to pick six cards. The two first cards represent the past, the two in the middle represent the present, and the two last represent the future.

This spread typically generates about 20-30 minutes of talking, and then afterwards, we open it up for the clients to ask specific questions.

Typically, at the beginning of the session, we say, “Everything we say today is only advice and guidance and should be taken as such. The future is not set in stone, and you have free will. Therefore, anything we talk about today that you act upon is up to you”.

We don’t say this to devoid ourselves of responsibility but to tell the client that they are always the person who decides what to do in the end. We also believe this reminds the client of their agency, and even when we receive guidance, we have to take responsibility for our choices.

We also always ask our guides for help with the session.

Psychic Tarot

Post Psychic Tarot Reading Hygiene

After each Psychic Tarot Reading you have, you will want to look after your spiritual and psychic hygiene. Many people have heavy energy, and you will want to cleanse that.

So after your Psychic Tarot Reading, take three deep cleansing breaths, a short meditation if you have time and ask your guides for help to let go of the previous reading and move on to the next.

You may want to journal on your experience to see what went well and what can improve for next time.

After a long day of Psychic Tarot Reading, you will want to do a meditation in the evening to release any heavy negative energies from the day. We meditate every day twice a day.

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