Guide: getting started with crystals

You can use crystals for many different outcomes; here, we outline how to choose your first crystal, programme and charge them. We also note the best crystals to help you focus and gain clarity, creativity, productivity and difficult conversations.

Crystals have grown in popularity over the last decade, and with good reason. They can be essential in raising human wellbeing because of their spiritual attributes. 

Crystals are born of the earth. They are energy conductors drawing power from the stars as well as the sun, and that is what the planet relies on; it depends on that to exist, subsist and make all things strong within the earth, and when we bring them out of the ground, that same power is still with them and is still able to be drawn from the stars and the sun. 

Humans can utilise this cosmic power when we surround ourselves with crystals or hold them. 

Crystals - Amethyst

Crystals are actually a life form, and within the meditative state, we can link in with that power. There are seven crystal families, as there are seven chakras. Each crystal is unique and can perform different tasks and functions. Understanding crystals is a pivotal part of understanding the esoteric.

The crystal kingdom can link with the human mind but cannot “read” between the lines of what we want. The basis, therefore, is meditation which allows us to clear our minds of physical thoughts and our internal chatter. Concentration is vital when connecting with our crystals and needs to be specific, or the programming will not succeed.

Choosing your first crystals

You know how sometimes you meet someone that you really like or possibly really don’t like for no explicable reason! Well, it’s aura to aura. Your aura is reaching out to the other person’s aura, which we then find compatible or not.  

There are others reasons as well, of course. The crystal also has an aura and would be reaching out to see whether your aura is compatible. It’s an internal beckoning through colour and sound to which we respond.  

It’s almost like love at first sight.  

Crystal shops tend to have a wonderful vibe anyway, but relax before you go and, if possible, try not to be on a deadline. Go all around and then make your way back to wherever in the shop, even if it’s not the area you feel you should be looking at as the crystal might be tucked away. 

Always stay in your budget, of course, but it’s better to get one that you really like and then eventually add on to your collection if you wish. We recommend clear male quartz to begin with. They tend to be phallic in shape, and the female tends to nestle in the palm of your hand. 

The expensive quartz tends to be very clear, but that doesn’t mean they are more powerful. You might find the joy of your life in a cheap box, all mixed up and cloudy.  

This male will be able to be programmed to anything you wish; remember a clear mind.

Programming your crystals

Crystals - Citrine

When first bought and in between, too, soak the crystal in sea salt overnight to rid it of the different auras that have handled it since it came from the mother source. Then relaxing, either lying down or sitting, hold your crystal and try to visualise the life force within it that will bring the rapport between the two of you.

Then programme your intent, only simple instructions, for example: “I want stillness in my mind”.

Many fine books say various crystals are for whatever. We will attempt to give you just a few that we feel have worked for us.

Crystals for overall wellbeing 

The clear male quartz is a powerful all-around healer and tends to be in charge when other crystals are used for various purposes.

Sit or lie down, hold the crystal either with both hands, one hand or if you are doing yoga, have it nestled between your legs. The crystal will regenerate the immune system to help the mind and body work with any medication or situation in your life. 

If you say, i.e. programme your crystal “help me to get stronger, as an example”, the crystal does not read between the lines of our mind, as was mentioned, but will make your despair stronger as it is only aware of your situation NOW. 

So what needs to go thru your mind is “make me stronger than what I am NOW going thru”.

Crystals for focus and clarity

Amongst the seven chakras, the sixth, the third eye, and indigo colour are where the amethyst reigns supreme. Again, by your side, perhaps, have your male quarts and then hold the amethyst as you allow yourself a little time to let go of the noise around and within you.

This will certainly assist and help clear your mind. 

A clear mind is a thinking mind. 

When holding the amethyst within your mind, say, “help me to focus on the essay, job, afternoon etc.”

Crystals for creativity 

The colours violet and indigo are often put together, and amethyst is a perfect go-between. In this case, also have a female rose quartz by its side.

Suppose you are possibly doing a report, which might require your intuition on how best to present it, painting. In that case, anything outside of the box physically or mentally can be strengthened by the amethyst and the rose quartz, so just have them beside you.

Crystals - Clear Quartz

In all cases, if they are new to you, cleanse them in salt water overnight.

Male amethyst is tricky, and you may need to ask an assistant as the male and female can often look very similar. If there is no help, use your feelings as to which crystal is for you. 

Holding the amethyst, programme it like this, “I want my creativity enhanced”.

Crystals for productivity 

Start with a good night’s sleep! If possible. The citrine is the colour of the second chakra, which is also responsible for motivation. A red crystal, which is the base chakra, is super expensive and difficult to get, so forget that, even though the crystal of choice would be red as it is linked to productivity physically and from the sexual point of view as well. 

You can also put on red underwear or red socks during the period when you obviously need to get things done.

Programme your male quartz like this, “enhance my productivity”.

Crystals for confidence 

Confidence does not come out of a jar, and there are many reasons why one is not always confident. What does work is to hold and program your male quartz, be specific, of course, and have a blue-ish crystal by your side, if possible. Colour, sound and crystal are all linked, and crystals can absorb the colour. So somewhere in your surroundings and at work have the colour blue, a small plate, paper, whatever.  

Again, if you go to a crystal store, see what might appeal as your confidence might need support for a while to allow it to grow.

Holding the crystal, programme it like this, “I want my confidence enhanced”.

Difficult conversations

This time a clear female quartz would help as she brings out our intuition to help us form the correct way to approach an issue. A female quarts and a female rose quarts (like a lump shape) would both side with your mind, and the male quartz would strengthen the whole situation with provado. 

Programming could be “help me thru this difficult conversation”.

Many beautiful crystals are not mentioned, and the variety is enormous, the functions and personalities of the crystal kingdom huge. Smoky quartz, as an example, is a strong healer and can help knit scares after an operation or the scares that are sometimes left after a heartache.  

Cleansing your crystal 

Cleansing is preferable after others have touched it because another person’s aura can remain attached to your crystal and then passed on to you – aura to aura – and you do not want to take on anyone else’s difficulties. 

There are different opinions on how to cleanse, but we have found the easiest way to soak them overnight in sea salt. It is sometimes recommended to bury them in the earth, to leave them out in the moonlight; running tap water is quick but not very thorough.

It comes down to preference.

You cannot soak every crystal in water, so we recommend looking this up first. 

Charging your crystal

After cleansing your crystal, connect again and programme your crystal to what you need. Your own electrical force, the forces of the universe and the crystal power work very well together.  

It is a symbiotic relationship – Enjoy and prosper.

In the Spiritual Healing session, we will use crystals as a part of our practice here at the Institute.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below, and we will get back to you. 

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