What happens when we die?

Many spiritual and non-spiritual philosophies have tried to answer the question: What happens when we die?

If you are an atheist, you believe that we return to the earth, and that is it. If you are a Christian or Muslim, you believe in heaven, whilst the Buddhists think you reincarnate.

There is no way to prove who is correct and wrong because how can you? There is no clear-cut evidence beyond your experience and belief. Scientists would disagree, yet, people will think what they think.

Here at Esoteric Studies Institute, we have our take on the matter. Again, nothing can be proved beyond what you feel yourself, and you must consider that.

Our take on: What happens when we die?

Before we talk about death, let us talk about what it means to be alive, which is a gift. It is a gift for our Spirit to move through the earthly realm and move through a human experience; never forget that.

Even when the chips are down, life is still a gift.

Each life we have is a Spiritual Lesson, and it is “The Spirit Around Us” and the Greater Force that benefits from this, not necessarily ourselves.

As we have a name, “The Spirit Around Us” has a name. Another way to think about it is that “The Spirit Around Us” is our Spiritual Spirit, whilst we are the Earthly Spirit.

Throughout our life and when we die, all of the memories, experiences and so on are uploaded to “The Spirit Around Us”, and when we die, we cease to exist.

We are not trying to diminish the importance of our existence; it is essential because without us and our experiences, “The Spirit Around Us” would not spiritually progress. To what end “The Spirit Around Us” need to spiritually progress, we do not know; this is only what the guides have told us.

What happens when we die? Esoteric Studies Institute

So, when we die, everything from our earthly experience is uploaded to “The Spirit Around Us”, which returns to the Spiritual Realm. Unless the Spirit gets stuck and either needs a rescue or exorcism.

Our Earthly Spirit can get stuck; that is when a medium needs to help to get the Earthly Spirit back into the Spiritual Realm.

So you may wonder, what about when we connect with dead relatives or other spiritual forces who have lived before? That is an excellent question and what you connect with is “The Spirit Around Us” who lets the personality from that lifetime come forward because that is what the individual on earth needs at that moment.

I want you to imagine a train station for the period between lives. When we die, we get off the train, our life, and sit and wait for the next train. When we step onto the next train, we are reborn into a new culture, a new way of being and a different spiritual lesson.

What about Heaven and Hell?

We do not think there is such a thing as Heaven and Hell. These concepts were created by people to control and create fear. The universe, cosmos, God, The Great Force is neutral, and so is the Spiritual Realm too.

Death and Karma

As we mentioned earlier, each life is a Spiritual Lesson, our Karma, our learning queue. Many different religions and spiritual practices have their take on Karma. From what we understand, our Karma is our learning queue, which means we have to move through every possible lifetime. That means in one life, you will be poor, whilst in another, you will be rich, and there will be lives where you find yourself somewhere in between.

For the purpose of learning, we have to experience every possible life; otherwise, how would “The Spirit Around Us” learn?

We have said this before and will repeat it: there are no sins and no karma points.

What happens when we die? Tor Njamo

We, of course, want people to be kind, generous and compassionate at the same time that does not impact how your next life will turn out. That is not how it works.

What is the purpose of Past Life Regression?

You may wonder if it is “The Spirit Around Us” which learns and progresses from our experiences in the earthly realm. What is the purpose of Past Life Regression, and what happens when events from Past Lives affect us in this lifetime?

We are “The Spirit Around Us”, and we are not. All our memories are stored within that Spirit, so we are still a part of it.

Finding out that an event from a Past Life impacts you now can be the instigator for you to become more spiritually aware this time and come to terms with the continuation of life. That is the purpose of Past Life Regression– to know that we have lived before and will live again.

You can access Past Lives via Past Life Regression Meditation. The main difference between “normal” meditation and past life meditation is your intention as you enter into the meditation.

Why should anyone care about this?

Why should anyone care that it is not strictly speaking “I” who reincarnates but “The Spirit Around Us”? An excellent question. From our experience, understanding the intricacies of how the cosmos works and come together helps to alleviate low levels of anxiety, over-detachment and fear.

Often we let fear, worry, and concerns rule our lives, and we are meant to experience those as human beings. Yet, we do not need to let them govern every aspect of our life.

We suppose it also helps us not to take ourselves too seriously and lighten up because there is so much more at play than we are aware of.

What happens when we die? Reincarnation

This text attempts to outline What happens when we die? We do not suggest that we have the only answer because there are plenty of different answers out there.

The only way to understand this is to think for yourself and see what you find. We recommend that you start practising The Art of Meditation and know what you find in the depths of your meditation practice.

Only within the calm solace of your mind will you find any forms of answers which can be felt by yourself. And you do have to judge for yourself what you think about this.

Before finding an answer, you must let go of everything you have read, heard, seen, and even this text. Let it all go, and then see what comes towards you.

We hope that you find an answer which is satisfying and gives you a moment of peace whilst venturing through the earthly realm.

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