February: Collective Energy Reading

All around us, all the time, collective energies are shifting. Most of us experience ourselves as individuals when in fact, we are a part of the whole. 

Here is our Collective Energy Reading for February.

All of us are nodes in an ever-changing system, and the decisions of another node, a person, will impact you too. Some people’s decisions have more significant ripple effects, such as a politician or celebrity. 

These decisions that people make may seem, at first, very earthly, when actually, all of our choices are spiritually guided. 

We all have Spirit Guides, even the people we dont like, who are all guided by the same force. 

To know and to understand this is spiritual enlightenment. 

Collective Energy Reading

February: Collective Energy Reading

For the collective energy reading for February, we pulled the following tarot cards

  • Four of Cups 
  • Seven of Cups 
  • Page of Pentacles
  • 10 of Cups

We use the Tarot Cards as the means to bring forward what the cosmos wants us to know for the collective energy reading, exactly as we would do in a Psychic Tarot Reading.

Overall, to us, this looks like we are beginning to move away from a feeling of heaviness to lightheartedness and creativity. 

As we are sure many of you can agree, last year was heavy, and the ethers have not been lighter for a long time. 

Covid, protests, post-covid, the war in Ukraine, the stuff going on with Twitter and all the other atrocities that we never hear about leaden the ethers with heavy energies. 

Even if you are unaware, everyone is sensitive to these energies, some more than others. 

One crucial element is that this heavy energy does not come from a particularly dark or evil place in the cosmos. We create heaviness through our actions, and the cosmos guide our actions; at the moment, we are meant to go through a difficult time collectively. 

For many of us, this will lead us to seek spiritual knowledge to become more spiritually aware. 

Towards the end of January and the first week of February, dense energies will peak. You may notice that as you watch the news at this time, many large-scale events will simultaneously generate more of a feeling of depressiveness. 

You may notice more feelings of despair, anger, frustration, confusion, and so on. 

Saying all of that, it is so important to remember that any experience we have is fleeting and constantly changing. Nothing is constant; everything is temporary. 

In the second week of February, and for the rest of the month, you will most likely find that the clouds around your mind will despair, and you will want to come out of hibernation to start socialising with friends and family again. 

Collectively, we have a responsibility to take great care of the attitude of our mind. The thoughts we think, and words we use have meaning and impact the outcomes in our life. 

Further, we can affect the energies around us in the ethers. When you are in your meditation, which we hope you do regularly, always remember to send positive thoughts of healing to your friends, family, plants, trees, galaxies, other universes and everything else in between. 

Doing so might seem insignificant, but it does work. You are much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. 

Esoteric Healing

You have so much more agency and choice than you can imagine. When we fall too far down a dark spiral, it might seem too far-fetched to make tangible changes, but alternatives are always there. 

The Page Of Coins is a particular reminder that you have access to inner guidance, which can help show you the way; all you have to do is create space where you listen attentively to what they say. 

The Ten Of Cups wants you to know that there is a strong support network around you in the spiritual and earthly realms. You are never alone, even when a situation seems utterly lost. 

Lean into whatever support you have for help, and they will respond in kind. You do not have to go about this life all by yourself. 

We repeat that you must also create space for listening to your inner guidance. You can do this through meditation, journaling, walks in solitude, movement or other forms of focusing your mind. 

February: Collective Energy Reading Journaling Prompts

Here at Esoteric Studies Institute, we are avid advocates for journaling. We journal as a part of our daily wellbeing practices. 

For February, we would like you to ask yourself: what am I assuming which is stopping me from having a more positive attitude of mind? 

Thank you for reading our Collective Energy Reading for Feburary. Feel free to leave your answers in the comment section below; we would like to know. 

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