Divination explained

Divination is the act of acquiring knowledge of the future or something else via esoteric spiritual means. There are many ways of practising divination; perhaps the most popular form of divination practice is Tarot Reading, which we use in our Psychic Tarot Reading sessions.

There are, of course, many different ways of practising divination. This blog post will cover some of the histories of divination, a few of the various forms of divination, and how you can get started.

The History of Divination

Evidence for divination goes back to the early 2nd millennium. In Christianity, they often make a distinction between prophecy and divination. Prophecy comes from God, whilst divination is the work of demons. The Quaran acknowledges the existence of magic, although it forbids it and believes Islam sits above it. In the Talmud, divination is condemned, although often mentioned.

As you can see, within most religions, divination is often looked upon as the work of evil forces such as the devil. One client even asked us whether the information channelled came directly from the devil. So the fears around divination are still very real in many people’s minds.

We do not think the devil is real, nor do we feel that our information gleaned via divination comes from any other evil force. There is no evil force per se in the cosmos.

In recent years, divination and mysticism have exploded in popularity, which is great because it shows that more minds are opening up to the possibility of a world outside of our five known senses.

Different forms of divination

As we mention above, there are numerous ways of practising divination, and they exist in almost every culture worldwide.

Tarot Cards

Although not initially meant for divination, perhaps the most popular form of practising divination is through the use of Tarot Cards. Here at Esoteric Studies Institute, we use Tarot Cards primarily, although we do not necessarily think this is the best way. It is only because our minds are inclined that way.

We use the Tarot Cards as a springboard for our psychic mind to work from. Sometimes, we need something physical to get the mind going.


Pendulums are also a popular way to practice divination. Most practitioners who use pendulums call themselves dowsers. The only limitation of a pendulum is that it can only give you yes and no answers, and it is easily manipulated.

Palm reading

In the South East Asian countries, palm reading is incredibly popular as a form of divination.


Historically in Europe especially, many cultures used runes as a form of divination, and many practitioners still use them today.

Runes for divination


Psychometry is object-based readings. Take, for example, if you inherit a watch from a grandfather you have never met. His aura will remain on that watch, and by holding the watch, you can do a reading of him and create a connection with his life.

Other noteworthy mentions of divination practices:

  • Tea leaf reading
  • Coffee reading
  • Psychic art
  • Sand reading
  • Crystal gazing
  • Suan ming
  • Astrology
  • Horoscopes

How does divination work?

This is a very good question, and at the core, it is all the same, although you might use different routes to get there depending on your cultural inclination.

All of the answers will come to you via your intuition and psychic mind. The cards you choose or the runes that fall will all be divinely guided at that moment to bring forward the answers you are supposed to bring forward.

As the divination practitioner, you will then interpret and bring forward the messages.

All of the information about the past, present and future sits within the auric field of the client you are working with. You are only using the divination instrument as a way to tap into the information via your mind.

How to get started with divination

Fundamentally, to start with divination, you need a calm mind to hear the messages of Spirit. You can build a calm mind with meditation and psychic development.

You also must find the divination tool you are drawn towards and familiarise yourself with it. You may even find that you are not drawn to any divination tool and want to offer sessions without using any tools.

If you can afford it, we would also recommend that you get a teacher. Starting on your own without any direction can be challenging, and having someone to support you on your journey is essential.

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