Business and Spirituality

Most people would say that Business and Spirituality cannot go together. As you can imagine, here at Esoteric Studies Institute, we disagree with this sentiment.

In a recent Instagram Live on Business and Spirituality, Tor, our Founder, spoke to Laura from Laura Jones Wellbeing about how she uses Spirituality in her business. Tor also shared how he brings a Spiritual Mindset into his work.

Key takeaways from the talk on Business and Spirituality

Spiritual Business Insights

Here are some of the valuable insights from our conversation with Laura on Business and Spirituality:

  • As always, meditation is the most important practice to connect with your Spiritual Self and intuition. Meditation creates a gateway to our more profound sense of Spirituality. Not only that, meditation can create a sense of calm and harmony within, which is very important when it comes to running a business.
  • We have to find the balance between being proactive and trusting in the universe. In other words, we have to trust that we are on the right path and take actions that lead to forward positive motion. Nothing will happen unless you make it, yet, we should not be married to any outcomes because that is out of our control.
  • To go out on your own, you must love what you do. No one will tell you to stay motivated or keep on working – you have to do all that on your own.
  • You can alter your language to be less “spiritual” and still have good “spiritual” outcomes. You are not less authentic because you tone it down a bit.
  • You have to meet people where they are and take them on a journey. Many will initially not understand the spiritual language, but you can get them there.
  • Have a plan, but keep a loose grip on it.
  • You have to articulate what Business and Spirituality mean to you and hold that philosophy within. Otherwise, you can quickly lose your sense of authenticity and being authentic is vital when incorporating Spirituality as a part of your business practice.
  • Bringing Spirituality into business is not only about how we behave towards ourselves but also how we collaborate with others and the culture we create—hopefully, a culture of compassion, care and togetherness.
  • Authenticity is crucial.
Spirituality in Business

Spirituality can undoubtedly have a place in business, although it can be an incredibly challenging task because so many of our workplaces are not set up in that way. Most companies also focus on profit over people. This means they have to scale fast and give shareholders a quick return on investment.

We do not suggest that we have any power to change this practice; still, it is very important for businesses to consider moving forward. Not only because it is a world we do not want to live in but because people’s mental health is at stake.

The numbers around poor mental health and burnout due to overworking, understaffing, lousy leadership and toxic work cultures are staggering.

Therefore, business leaders must consider how to improve the situation. One area in which we can share some thoughts are, of course, the spiritual elements.

Spiritual Leadership

Here are some recommendations from Tor on Business and Spirituality:

  • Profits are, of course, vital, but people’s wellbeing is even more critical. When people do not feel well, they are, in fact, less productive.
  • Growing slowly is better for the sustainability of people’s mental health.
  • Create space for vulnerability and sharing. When people enter the workplace, their issues at home are not left behind. They do bring them with them to work.
  • Work-life balance is crucial.
  • Allow people to be their authentic selves.
  • People are overall more productive when they feel well and appreciate.
  • Work can be instrumental to a people’s sense of purpose, ensuring that you are working towards something good.
  • Develop a spiritual philosophy for yourself.

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