What is the purpose of life?

Most of us move through life without asking ourselves: what is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of birth? Death? Suffering? 

I think asking ourselves these questions is very important because only then can we come to know that whatever we are going through is only temporary and birth and death are only shifts from one energetic realm to another. 

We regularly get caught up in meaningless trivialities that do not add meaning to our life; in many ways, it does the opposite. It creates unnecessary drama and confusion. 

This blog post will explore these questions. I cannot give any definitive answers; I can only share what I have been taught and felt in the depths of my meditation. 

What is the purpose of life? 

Philosophers throughout time have tried many times to answer this question. Socrates said that the purpose of life is to focus on developing personal and spiritual skills whilst also investigating oneself. He says a life unexamined is not worth living. 


In Confucianism, the purpose of life is individual happiness which people can achieve through peace. For Nietzsche, the meaning of life is to live authentically and powerfully. There are, of course, many other philosophers to mention, but here we are only mentioning a few. 

For us at Esoteric Studies Institute, the purpose of life is to complete our assigned spiritual lesson in the best possible way for the progression of our eternal spirit. To what end is difficult to say, but this is what the guides have told us and the feeling we are left with in our meditation. 

What we say above is spiritual, in a more earthly sense; the purpose of life is to make the most out of the cards you have been given and live your life according to your spiritual lesson. 

Even though we have a lesson to move through which comes with specific milestones, objectives and such, we still have some free will and agency to make choices for ourselves.

We have to decide how we respond to the spiritual lesson we agreed to before we were born.

How would I know if I’m living in accordance with my spiritual lesson? 

That is an excellent question, and this is an internal feeling. My teacher uses an analogy of a shirt that is not fitting correctly because a button hangs loose. 

As I have said before, we have some free will; through that free will, we can generate some self-awareness to know whether our actions seem correct. To understand this, one has to have a tremendous amount of honesty with oneself because we are brilliant at deceiving ourselves and not taking responsibility for our actions. 

What about suffering?

Suffering is the trickiest topic to broach in this context because it often seems incredibly unfair. 

Who decides who gets to be born, when and where? 

All I can say is that this is an agreement from before we are born, and actually, the people who are moving through the most brutal lives are the bravest and strongest spirits, in my opinion. 

In addition, the guides tell us that our earthly realm is the way it is for a reason; we are meant to move from this location in the universe. Spaceship earth will leave this place and move somewhere else in the cosmos. The great force has a plan. 

We can prove none of this, so you can only make out of that what you will. 

Whilst we are in the earthly realm, and if you are consciously aware of yourself and other people, and if you are that inclined, just do as much good as possible. 

None of what I have said takes away from the people who are suffering today, right now, as you read this, and we should do what we can to help them. 

The thing is, the earth does have enough resources, and there is enough for everyone. But greed and enlarged egos are now a part of human existence. We have free will to make the earthly realm a better place to live; even still, most people don’t, which is why we are where we are. 

Goodness and suffering come from exactly the same guiding force. 

Healing herbs and the atomic bomb comes from precisely the same guiding force. 

The spiritual cosmos is so much bigger, complicated and beyond our human comprehension. 

That is often what we, spiritually inclined, often have to come to terms with. 

We aim to help people come to their spiritual truth in all our offerings. Still, specifically, in the spiritual mentoring session, we guide people towards finding their spiritual truth and philosophy. 

How do you feel? What do you think is the purpose of life? 

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