Tower Tarot Card Meaning

On the Tower Tarot Card in the Nefertiti Tarot Deck, a tower is falling on its side and breaking. Three individuals attempt to hold it up, but the tower is already too far gone. 

On the tower, there is a display of hieroglyphs and also above it. 

The archetypal meaning of The Tower Tarot Card is change, often unforeseen change. There are many areas of our life that we can control and influence, but even more are out of our control, which is what the falling tower often represents. 

Regardless of the strong foundation, everything will eventually come to an end and crumble. 

Everything is temporary, and everything comes to an end. 

In many ways, this sentiment should sit around the core of someone’s spiritual philosophy: to never hold on too hard to anything because it will leave you in the end, or you will leave it. 

The hieroglyphs on the tower represent that the people who built it attached a tremendous amount of meaning to the tower with ornamental expressions and what it meant in their belief system.

You can even see that the people trying their best to keep it standing. Sometimes, you have to let everything fall to build something new.

Here there is a delicate balance to strike because we should be present, be grateful for and treasure what we have. Still, at the same time, when it is time for something to leave, you should let it because otherwise, you will not be able to move forward in the way that you should and invite new energies into your life. 

Often, when we hold on for too long, this can lead to stagnation and resentment.

So here you have the prime meaning of The Tower Tarot Card, and there will be many more, and it will also alter depending on the other cards you pull it with. 

Imagine that you are pulling the Tower Tarot Card on its own; you should be asking yourself: Is there anything in my life that I am holding onto too hard and I should let go off? 

You can also expect some form of an unforeseen change in your life. Change, at first, can be challenging, but in hindsight, it will all make sense to you, even if it is difficult. 

Tower Tarot Card Meaning

Here we share our meditations on the Tower Tarot Card; as always, you must contemplate to uncover yours. Working with the Tarot is no easy feat, but it can be an incredibly useful instrument for guidance.

Unforeseen change 

Change is never easy, and most of the time, we do not welcome it, but often we need change because we have become stuck in a rut or too much comfort. 

The Tower Tarot Card represents an unforeseen change out of your control. This is a time for endings and new beginnings.

This type of change is often the hardest because we did not initiate it, and we don’t know if we have the strength to persevere. 

The outcome is often very unclear too, and we often find this uncomfortable. 

Instead of moving into despair, use this as an opportunity to test your inner strength and resilience. You are capable of so much more than you think and can imagine. 

If the Tower Tarot Card shows up for you, ask yourself, what can you do to bolster your inner strength and ensure that you practice self-compassion and self-love during this period of change? 

Allow yourself to slow down and take extra good care of yourself so that you come out on top. 

Be brave enough to ask for help if you need it. 

A change in belief

Everyone in the earthly realm will be conditioned by various social agents such as parents, siblings, school teachers, cultural norms, tv-shows and much more. 

The Tower Tarot Card can sometimes represent that you will soon have an abrupt change in your belief system. A long-lasting belief will end, and at first, you might find this destabilising, but as you become more grounded and begin to form a new belief, you will once again find balance and stability. 

So much of personal growth is letting go of limiting belief, and the tower could be suggesting that this is the time to do so.

Ask yourself, what can I do to build a new belief to release the old ones which do not serve me anymore? 


Often, we become very attached to relationships, material goods and ideas. The Tower Tarot Card could ask you to reflect on whether this energy exists within your life and if you need to lean more into non-attachment. 

Non-attachment does not mean not being attached; that is impossible because we are human social beings. Instead, try to figure out what healthy detachment means to you.

Everything in balance as always.

Ask yourself, in which areas of my life do I need to lean more into non-attachment? 

Non-attachment - Tower Tarot Card

Relinquishing control

Humans are creatures of habit and prefer stability, although we have survived significant changes throughout history. 

The Tower Tarot Card asks if you are trying to control an outcome instead of letting it flow. 

Most of the time, all we can do is put our best foot forward, and the outcome will be whatever it is. 

The cosmos is asking you to trust that all will be well in the end, and you need to let go of control.

Ask yourself, are you trying to control too much when you should be trusting and allowing the energies to flow? 

Final words 

These were our meditations on The Tower Tarot Card Meaning; you must develop your own and how you resonate with the card and decks. That is entirely up to you. 

You must remember that the card’s meaning will change depending on the day, client and the other cards that pull them with, so there is no orthodox meaning on the card. 

We always explained in a Psychic Tarot Reading with us at Esoteric Studies Institute because many people get frightened when the tower shows up. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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