Divination: A Guide

All over the world, cultures use various forms of divination to receive answers to questions via spiritual means. This text will outline different methods we use here at the institute to practice divination.

The Oxford Dictionary says divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. Here at Esoteric Studies Institute, we would partially agree with this definition. However, we are not comfortable with the word “supernatural” because, to us, these practices are entirely natural and accessible to everyone.

Inherent to all human beings is intuition, and our intuition gains power from our Aura. The Aura is the electrical force which animates all earthly life. This electrical force is the cosmos, which fuels our intuition, or sixth sense if you like.

Intuition - Divination - A Guide

Underlying divination is intuition; only different spiritual traditions use various instruments to focus their mind.

We are most familiar with Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Dowsing, Tea Leaf Reading, Sand Reading, and psychometry here at the institute. All of the approaches we just mentioned are different forms of divination. Here in the west, the most famous method is likely Tarot Card Reading, which has gained tremendous popularity over the last decade.

How to practice divination at home


Before you venture to try out any other divination tool practising meditation is most important. You might not think meditation is an instrument for seeking deeper wisdom, however, that could not be further away from the truth. It is within the depths of your meditation that you can also receive messages from the other side.

By practising meditation, you can also improve your intuition, which you can use to read other people’s auric fields and pick up the aura from objects.

Not only that, you improve your connection to your spiritual guides which will help you with clairvoyance.

Tarot Cards

Historically, Tarot Cards were used for card games, many now use them for divination and they have grown a lot in popularity. The Tarot has 78 cards, with a major and minor arcana. All the cards have been prescribed a meaning, yet, at the institute, we advocate more for using them as means of focusing your mind.

Tarot - Divination - A Guide

For example, when we do Psychic Tarot Readings we only pick a few cards, look at the visuals and see what comes to us. We are loosely aware of some of the meanings, yet, we don’t really rely on them.

We tap into our psychic and clairvoyant abilities instead of.


Perhaps the second most known form of divination in the west is to use of a pendulum. Basically, you use a pendulum to ask it yes or no questions. Pendulums are excellent tools, at the same time, incredibly hard to use because our minds can easily influence the outcome.

You have to be able to clear your mind entirely to let your guide move the pendulum in the direction that it is meant to go.

Tea Leaf Reading

Place some tea leaves in the bottom of a cup with a tiny bit of water, and then train the water allowing the tea leaves to fill the bottom. You can then read the patterns and shapes of leaves. There are codified ways of interpreting them, at the same time, we approach this exactly the same way we approach reading tarot cards. Use your intuition instead of relying on what others say they should mean. That is always the best approach.

Tea Leaf - Divination - A Guide


Many know psychometry as the means of picking up the aura of a physical object and potentially giving a reading of who it used to belong to or where it has been. And that is correct, in essence, that is what psychometry is.

You can check out our Psychic Learning Path for more in-depth information about each of these areas.


All of the approaches above are excellent ways to practice divination at home, yet, most important you must start with meditation. That is what will give you a step ahead.

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