03: The Meaning of Esoteric and Othering

In this episode, Tor covers The Meaning of Esoteric and his thoughts on othering.

The Meaning of Esoteric and Othering Transcript

Hi there, my name is Tor Njamo and you are listening to Esoteric FYI, a podcast by all things Esoteric and Spiritual. I am a psychic Tarot Reader, spiritual healer and also a spiritual educator. 

In this podcast I look through my life, some reflections, some ideas, sessions with my clients through a spiritual and Esoteric lens. So if that’s what you’re interested in, you are certainly in the right place.

In today’s podcast episode, I’m going to be talking about what Esoteric means to us, especially Esoteric Studies. So I’m also the founder of Esoteric Studies Institute, which is first and foremost it’s a place of learning and as it is in a name, you are studying the Esoteric and the goal of that is to live a more fulfilled and higher quality of life. 

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Sharing some recent reflections on othering, I’ve been sort of watching the spiritual space and listening to some interesting podcasts and I think it’s important to sort of raise these things into people’s consciousness as we develop in this space because I suppose the incarnation of spirituality exists now, especially in the west, is still quite fresh and there’s lots of different things popping up. 

So I think one really important topic to cover is otherwise for us here at Esoteric Studies. Esoteric Studies is the study of the unseen cosmic etheric energy which exists within all of us and it’s all around us all the time. Most untrained eyes cannot see or sense these energies but does not mean that it’s not there. These cosmic forces holds all the information about our past, present and future and so much more. I’m going to caveat there though, because I think one really important thing to remember is that we are not worlds, we are human beings. 

So there are a limitation to what we can access of this Esoteric knowledge. The word esoteric actually originally comes from the Greek word I’m going to butcher this, but it says something such as Esotericos, which actually means reserved to the disciples because apparently it was first used by Aristotle to describe the followers of Pythagoras. 

Although let’s go a bit deeper here because the root again of the word Esotericos and one of the roots because it’s two words. But the one that I’m going to be focusing on is the word ESO and the word ESO means within. And what I’m going to elaborate on here is that the ways in which that we access these cosmic forces is in a few different ways.

But one of the ways that we do this is via journey inwards because the journey inwards is the bridge that leads us to access that cosmic wisdom and cosmic knowledge and it’s also the development of our inner self of that bridge where we can use our five known senses to stretch and to access that information. 

So it happens in a few different ways. It happens through that practice of inwardness and building that bridge which then leads us to the cosmos. But it’s also about enhancing our senses so that we can sense more of the world that is around us. Like people’s auras, people’s chakras, our guides, other spiritual entities.

So that’s really what Esoteric and ESO in so many ways means to us. And you may wonder like what are some of these Esoteric forces that we talk about? It’s Spiritual guides, it’s aura, the chakras, other spiritual entities doing exercises such as out of body, working with crystals, extra sensitive perception, past life regression, most certainly intuition, psychometry healing, automatic writing, all of these are Esoteric practices. 

And for so many people, it’s not always necessarily about like becoming a healer or psychic, but it’s also this Esoteric practice is also about strengthening our mind to live our life in the best possible way and to deal with the challenges that life certainly serves us with. And how do we do this? First and foremost, it’s about practicing meditation. Because through calming the mind, doors to these other areas open. And that happens quite naturally by itself, by simply calming our mind with meditation. 

We use a visual meditation here at Esoteric Studies Institute because that creates a way of communicating, of sensing and making shape and making a construct out of those Esoteric energies. And also through doing like psychic exercises that will also make you more capable at tapping into that. And again, it’s not so necessarily so much about that. It’s not so much necessarily about becoming a psychic or a healer. It’s also because it’s about training the mind. Not every gym goer becomes a professional athlete. Most don’t. 

But most do it for their sense of health and their sense of wellness and moving and just their overall sense of wellbeing. And that’s also what I think sometimes meditation and psychic exercises should be viewed as, although most people also don’t go to the gym. So I mean, obviously sometimes it’s difficult to get people into this, but I think that’s another way to look at this. It’s not always about becoming that psychic or healer. 

So there’s many reasons why exploring the Esoteric is a great idea. Then moving on to this other thing, I’m seeing a lot in the spiritual space which talks about like higher vibrations. I feel that a lot of the communication often ends up being better than and others. And it’s a lot of focusing on material goods like abundance and stuff like that. And in so many ways, spirituality is so much not about that. Spirituality is about at its core, it’s about acceptance. 

It’s about accepting our life for the way that it is in this moment in time. It’s about letting go of expectations of the future, obviously taking actions, but not getting too caught up in the outcome.

So I think it’s just really important that we make sure that the language, the branding doesn’t other people and it invites people in. And it’s not about becoming better then and another thing is everyone is on their own spiritual journey, which means that not everybody is supposed to, in this time around to have like, a spiritual enlightened journey. They might have had that in the past life, but this time around, that’s just not who they’re supposed to be. And there’s something about allowing other people to be who they are. 

And if they show interest, great. If they don’t, fine. And then go on and do our own thing. I think that’s really important. Just be respectful of that, be considerate of that, and then find their own way without othering other people and not be like, oh, we have got all the answers, because most of the time that’s not true. People find their way through their lives in different ways, and that’s absolutely okay. I think that’s something for us as spiritual practitioners, a sputal industry, is to not other other people, because I don’t think that leads us to a best possible way. 

So just be mindful about the language that we use, the branding, all that kind of stuff. So this is my podcast episode this week. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, comments, or anything you want me to cover, anything, you can reach me on Instagram, @tornjamo, and also at @EsotericStudiesInstitute. Again, thank you so much for listening.

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