Healing Circle Membership

The Healing Circle Membership is currently in pre-launch.

Please leave your email using the form further down to express your interest in joining the Healing Circle when it launches.

The Healing Circle is an online community where Tor Njamo, the Founder of Esoteric Studies Institute, will deliver two live 60-minute Zoom sessions a month. During each session, Tor will guide you through a healing visual meditation and welcoming space for dialogue.

Outside of the live Zoom sessions, you will also have access to an online space on FB, Slack or Discord (to be determined). As well as all of our previous virtual short live seminars.

Think of it as a virtual ‘healing meditation studio’ or put it another way – Netflix for spiritual development!

Want to know when we launch the Healing Circle?

We are currently in the pre-launch of the Healing Circle Membership. To express your interest, please use the form below. We will notify you when we are ready to launch.

The Age of Aquarius is here.

This is the Age of Aquarius: it’s a time when we are experiencing large energetic shifts.

To make sense of these changes, many more of us will be instinctively drawn towards exploring and connecting with our spiritual selves. Our intention is for the Healing Circle to become a relaxed and grounded community space where like-minded people can come together to share, learn and explore their spiritual existence.


“Tor has a wonderful way, through his meditation practice, to guide you to a place of inner wisdom, peace and space. Enabling you to have a more relaxed state of mind and wellbeing. Tor is highly self-aware and emotionally intelligent and brings this grounded way of being into his meditation and mentoring practices.”

Highly recommended.

_ Claire Koryczan, Imagine Beyond

What is The Healing Circle Membership?

The Healing Circle is an online community where Tor, the Founder of Esoteric Studies Institute, will deliver two live 60-minute Zoom sessions a month. At the sessions, he will guide you through a Healing Visual Meditation and create a safe space for dialogue.

Outside of the live Zoom sessions, you will gain access to an online space on FB, Slack or Discord – this is to be determined. You will also be given access to all of our previous virtual short live seminars.

Think of it as a virtual ‘healing meditation studio’ or put it another way – Netflix for spiritual development!

Membership will cost £10 a month.

Healing Circle Membership Outline

£10 a month
Cancel anytime
Two first weeks for free

  • 2 x 60-minute Live Guided Healing Visual Meditations a month via Zoom. These will be recorded and shared afterwards.
  • The sessions will be held on Sundays at 7 PM BST.
  • Access to the recordings of all of our previous short seminars.
  • Access to a private online community on FB, Slack or Discord.

Time Conversion Table

7 BST2 PM Eastern 11 AM Pacific
Healing Circle Membership

Who is the Healing Circle Membership for?

The Healing Circle is for those spiritual seekers out there who have yet to find a community to resonate with and want to practice a meditation designed to open their minds to the spiritual realm.

You may also be someone who is keen to start meditating regularly but find it difficult to do so on your own. This community is designed here to inspire beginners and provide the support required to maintain a healthy meditative practice. Or you may have been on your own healing journey for some time and now wish to explore meditation within a new environment.

This community is inclusive, safe, and non-judgmental, and we will all learn from each other.

The Healing Circle provides a good foundation and community space for those who want to invest time in achieving a sense of peace, harmony and serenity in their lives. There is no finish line or A-Z timeframe when it comes to meditation and spirituality. It is an ongoing learning and development process, and the Healing Circle will help provide direction and purpose to your practice.

As you encourage your spirituality, the overall quality of your life will improve.

Healing Circle Session Breakdown

Each session will provide a space for healing, discovery and learning.

Typical session agenda

  • Opening Rounds
  • Introduction
  • 25-minute Guided Healing Visual Meditation
  • Time for open dialogue
  • Closing Rounds


“Tor created such a unique space within each session allowing every person to connect back to their intuition instinctive guidance. The group held such a special energy, guided by Tor to create an accessible route to understanding and exploring intuition and meditation.”

_ Nicola, Then and Now Studio

What is Healing, and where does it come from?

All spiritual work is healing; Spirit is healing.

Healing is the intentional steps we take towards feeling better than we do now, growing our spiritual strength to become better at dealing with the numerous challenges of our modern life and increasing our spiritual understanding of our existence.

You have nothing to fear; life is what it is, and by joining the Healing Circle, you will come to see that your life, whatever it is, has a purpose, and through that discovery, you will become more at ease and at peace with yourself.

You yourself are your best self-healer; during the meditation, Tor will guide you to a calm and relaxing state where your innate healing abilities will ignite, and you will be able to connect with your spiritual self as well as your spirit guides. By connecting with those energetic forces, you will notice over time that you will develop a new perspective on life and improve your quality of life.

Healing Circle Spiritual Development

What is meditation, and how does it relate to Healing?

The meditation we use at The Healing Circle is a healing visual meditation that prepares you for opening your mind up to the spiritual forces around us safely and gently. This form of meditation goes beyond focusing on your breath and allows you to connect with your spiritual realm. You do not need any prior experience to enjoy the benefits of this meditation practice.

This practice consists of a series of visual sequences which will lead to a meditative state. The meditation will cleanse, balance, ground and rejuvenate your innate energies, aura and chakras. In addition, it will give you space to simply ‘be’, allowing spiritual strength to grow in the quietness of your being.

Meditation is the most powerful practice you can do to heal because you are intentionally opening yourself up to the spiritual healing force of the cosmos.

Over time, you will find that you can receive messages from your spiritual guides on how to move forward with your life.

Healing Circle Meditation

How will I feel after the Healing Circle session?

After the session, you should feel calm, at ease and peaceful. You might feel strange for the first couple of times because your body is not used to tapping into the Spiritual in that way. Yet, over time, you will become more at peace with it and enjoy the journey even further.

What if I have never meditated before?

You do not need any prior experience with meditation to join. These sessions are suitable for all levels. If you are interested in developing your spirituality, meditation is the most important practice you can do.

Who do I contact for questions?

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us at [email protected]